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“To realize a sustainable lifestyle as personal and communal culture providing positive example to the future generation for them to emulate and continuously improve”

UTM is committed to producing graduates with excellence in education and equipping graduates for leadership, professional and other roles in society. the main roles of academic research are to produce more research in developing a solution to climate change, financial and corrupt, starvation and other sustainability challenges. UTM Campus Sustainability is moving towards the renowned Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) hub under Sustainability University Network across nation and region. Engagement and Empowerments among stakeholders (internal and external partners) must undergo the spirits of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Gagasan SEJAHTERA and UTMDNA with the important tagline of #NoOneLeftBehind

We will focus on our most substantial impacts, which are identified as:

  • Sustainable Practices (environmental, social, economic impacts) under Living Lab UTM
  • Healthy Living Culture (UTMDNA)
  • Low Carbon City of Masterplan and Roadmap
  • ASEAN, EU and East Region Networks




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