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Towards teaching excellence in MJIIT

Future Ready Educators (FREE)

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) is committed for ensuring quality eductation as stated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The university initiated the UTM-FREE programme to promote student centered learning in the university for great education experience to our students. The university promotes various teaching methods, such as Active Learning, Cooperative Learning,  Project-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning and Case Study Learning. 

In Malaysia-Japan International institute of Technology (MJIIT), we believes our students’ experience in teaching and learning process would increase their interest in learning. We implement the Knowledge-Experience and Self-study (KES) pedagogy, which Student Centered Learning perfectly match with the KES Pedagogy.



Our Mission

To promote student-centered learning in MJIIT
To enhance student education experiences



Our Vision

MJIIT would provide student-centered learning for enhancing learning experience and gaining sufficient technical and non-technical knowledge to face the real world after graduation.

Student Centered Learning in MJIIT


Student Centered Learning Implementor

Online Teaching and Learning

Blended Learning with UTM e-learning

Supports for Future Ready Educators Programmes

Active Learning Committee 

since 2020

Group Leaders (Active Learning)

Ir. Dr. Tan Lian See
Dr.  Halinawati binti Hirol


Sub-Group Leaders

Dr. Lee Kee Quen (MPE1)
Dr. Tan Lit Ken (MPE2)
Dr. Mohd Azizi Abdul Rahman (ESE1)
Dr. Mohd Hatta bin Mohammed Ariff (ESE2)
Dr. Aznah binti Nor Anuar (CHEE1)
Dr.  Nurfatehah Wahyuny bt Che Jusoh (CHEE2)
Dr. Akbariah bt. Mohd Mahdzi (MOT)



UTM Support Group members on 21st Century Teaching and Learning


Group Leaders in MJIIT


Sub-group leaders in departments


Group members in departments – lecturers

MJIIT FREE Activities

Tools for Online learning

Google extensions for online T&L by Prof Ezzat Chan bin Abdullah, DISCORD virtual classroom by Dr Nurzal Effiyana binti Ghazali.

Use of UTM E-learning for Online Teaching and Learning

A sharing session by Dr Halinawati on the use of UTM Elearning (moodle) for onling teaching and learning activities.

Sharing Session: NALI Competition 2021 

A sharing session by Dr Nina Diana Nawi and Ir. Dr. Noor Nabilah Sarbini.

The Theory &Method Designing Online Education

Virtual Workshop

Virtual classroom became essential with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. There are clear differences between a physical and a virtual class. Online lecture cannot be substitutional teaching method of face to face classroom that needs different view in course design by understanding its uniqueness and difficulties. For providing effective learning activities by blending both offline and online learning mode,
acquiring basic knowledge of course design theory, “Instructional Design”, is expected to support lecturers teaching activities.

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Asynchronous Online Learning

A sharing session by Ir Dr Tan Lian See on Asynchronous Online Learning.

Hydrid Synchronous & Asynchronous Online Learning

A sharing session by Ir Dr Liew Peng Yen on Hybrid Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Learning.

Task-based Online Learning

A sharing session by PM Dr Aznah on Task-based Online Learning.