About Analytical Lab

The Analytical Laboratory is an inter-disciplinary service lab focusing on cutting-edge research in chemistry, metabolomic, environmental, and other applied science, engineering and technology. The lab offered a wide range of analytical instrument services to support those research area and provide a solution to current and future studies. The services are applicable to any individual, group, institution or industry who are eager to use a robust and latest technologies of top branded instrument which we already have. By the support a number of professional and expertise, analytical lab is the right research solution provider in order to enhance the impact and quality of the study. Towards accredited lab, the services will be delivered at such high quality standard of analysis.

Latest News

Promotion on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

We are currently doing a promotion on our NMR Bruker Avance III as … Read More

Instrument Available

There are various range of instrument covered under Analytical Lab. They were classified into four categories which are Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Material Analyzer and Sample Extractor. Currently the lab posses 18 of analytical instrument and will be coming a new additional equipment by time to … Read More

Welcome to MJIIT Analytical Laboratory

Welcome to MJIIT Analytical Laboratory. We are here to serve and support our customer with full dedication on research matter. In the meantime, we are affordable service provider that can give you a very reasonable charges with full package all-in. The latest technology new brand of robust … Read More