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Customer Samples

Dear all user/ previous customer, We are currently in the midst of clearing our laboratory. We found out that there are user/customer's sample that has been left at our laboratory since our first year of operation. Attached is the photos of the samples. If your sample...

Microscopy Lab Workshop Series 4: FESEM-EDS & Sample Preparation

Advanced microscopy is one of the most essential techniques in micro/nano-characterization to extract important information on the specimens. Efficient uses of advanced microscopy equipment require not only skills in equipment operation but also sufficient knowledge...

MJIIT Microscopy Lab Workshop Series – 2: FESEM & STEM, MJIIT Microscopy Lab Workshop Series – 3: TENSILE TEST & EBSD

Due to the successfulness of our Workshop Series 1, we are glad to inform that we will organize a new Workshop Series, which is MJIIT Microscopy Laboratory Workshop Series 2 and MJIIT Microscopy Laboratory Workshop Series 3. For this time, we are focusing on the...

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