Carbon Coater



Brand : JEOL
Model : EC-32010CC
 Details of Instrument The Carbon Coater is one of the most advanced sample coaters available for coating non-conductive specimens prior to SEM X-ray analysis. The unique feedback-controlled rod evaporation system gives multiple evaporations of around 20nm thickness without any need for rod shaping or adjustment. The high purity stepped carbon rods used in the Carbon Coater deliver a superior coating quality usable at high magnifications. The Carbon Coater is a compact system, simple to operate and has very rapid pumping cycle time. The option of the MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor allows conducting carbon films to be tailored to the exact requirements of the sample.


 Operation Hours 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
 Status  Available for Booking
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03-2203 1527