Digital Microscope



Model : DSX510
Details of Instrument The DSX510 Provides Observation, Image Capturing, Measurement, and Sharing. Efficient observation, higher-quality optics and more advanced digital technology, the DSX510 delivers efficient observation, intuitive magnifying operation, a variety of observation methods, and reproducibility. Easy Image Capturing Various image capturing methods provide easy, intuitive operation — as simple as using a smartphone or tablet. Options include EFI and 3D imaging, wide area image capturing, movie capturing, and programmed image capturing. Accurate Measurement Live, 2D, and 3D measurement options are backed by guaranteed accuracy and repeatability, automatic calibration, and reproducibility self-check. Measurement can also be automated with a simple wizard function.
Service Charge Digital Microscope Fee per hour :-

  • Student/Staff MJIIT (RM40)
  • Student/Staff UTM (RM50)
  • Student/Staff Other University (RM60)
  • Industry (RM100)


Operation Hours 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Status Available for Booking
For booking
03-2203 1527