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14 Oct 2016 - Prof. Horita (Kyushu University) and Dr. Intan (UKM)
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20 Oct 2016 - Prof. Nogita (Queens Univ. Aus) and his group
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23 Sept 2016 - Members of Sansui-Kai (Club of presidents of SANWA affiliated companies (Japan) in Malaysia
29 Sept 2016 - Ueda Plating Company (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
7 Sept 2016 - A research group who attended MJJIC2016
7 Sept 2016 - Prof. Tomokiyo (Kyushu University)
8 Nov 2016 - Director of Ultramicroscopy Research Center Kyushu Univ
22 fEB 2018 - Delegates from Kyushu University
On 22nd February, 6 delegates from Kyushu University led by Prof Kubo, President of Kyushu University come to MJIIT. Such a fruitful discussion on possibilities for long term and short term collaboration on research between MJIIT and Kyushu University.

We are so honored to receive the visit from the delegates to our laboratory.



ML Workshop Series 1
On 6-8th February 2018, Microscopy Laboratory MJIIT has successfully organized Microscopy Laboratory Workshop Series 1: Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope (FETEM) & Scanning Electron Microscope (STEM). The participants are mostly from other IPTAs and industry who are doing research or expert in micro/nano-structure, nano-material and failure analysis. They are from University of Malaya, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Panasonic and also SanDisk Malaysia Western Digital.

The workshop is essentially made to understand the concept and the theory of the usage of FETEM/STEM, practical knowledge in operating the equipment and as the platform to explore the field of FETEM/STEM imaging. The hands-on session was great as the participants was able to practically do the imaging with the guide from the trainer.

Due to its successfulness and high demand from researcher, student, and industry, Microscopy Laboratory are planning to organize more workshop in the future.





ML Workshop Series 6
Ml Workshop Series 7