Microscopy Laboratory is one of the advanced laboratories in Malaysian-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) UTM. The Microscopic Laboratory is located at the first floor of west wing in MJIIT. Various of advanced equipments available in the laboratory which covers from sample preparation until the characterization of sample such as FETEM and FESEM. The objectives of its establishment is to provide adequate facilities to students and staffs of MJIIT and to cope with latest technology and research level.

The operations and services started in September 2016 and is officially launched on 20th April 2017 by Mr. Gonemon Kurihara, Presiden of JEOL Ltd. The ceremony was also attended by Prof. Dr. Syo Matsumura, Director of URC, Kyushu University.Prof Dr. Noriyuki Kuwano was appointed as the Head of Microscopy Laboratory and five other staffs was given responsibility to organize the laboratory.


About the Head of Microscopy Laboratory

Prof Noriyuki Kuwano 
Head of Microscopy Laboratory
Email: kuwano.kl@utm.my
Tel: +603-2203 1323
Dr. Siti Rahmah Binti Aid
Coordinator of Microscopy Laboratory
Head of Operator (FETEM)
Email: sitirahmah.aid@utm.my
Tel: +603-22031296
Dr. Hafizal Bin Yahaya
Head of Operator (Sample Preparation)
Email: hafizal.kl@utm.my
Tel: +603-2203 1392
Dr. Khairunnisa Binti Mohd Pa’ad
Head of Operator (FESEM/LVSEM)
Dr. Nor Azmah Binti Nordin
Head of Operator (FIB-FESEM)
Dr. Kamyar Shameli 
Head of Operator (AFM)
Email: kamyar@utm.my
Dr. Rizuan Bin Mohd Rosnan
Application Engineer (JEOL,Malaysia)
Email: rizuanmr@jeolmal.com
Tel: +603-74927722