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Academic Staff : Fitri

Mohd Fitri Mohd Yakub
DipEng. Mechatronic (UTM), BEng. Electronic (UTM), MSc. Mechatronic (IIUM), Ph.D (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
faculty-academics-mohd-fitri Senior Lecturer
Tel: 03 2203 1285                                                                                                                          Website: 1. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Fitri_Yakub 2. http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6603-2406 3. https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=55539912000
Research Interest
  • Advanced Vehicle Control
  • Vibration Control
  • Motion Control
  • Intelligent Control
  • Automatic and Robust Control
  • Control Theory and Application
Profesional Membership
  • Senior Member IEEE (91296693)
  • Member BEM (71419A)
  • Member SAE (6143396060)
  • Member IET (1100435254)
  • Member IEM (84928)
Previous Positions
  • Tutor, College Science & Technology, UTM KL
  • Paper Reviewer, IEEE Conference on Computer Applications and Industrial Electronics (ICCAIE 2011), Penang, Malaysia, 4-7 December, 2011.
  • Program Committee, 4th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Applied Optimization (ICMSAO 2011), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 19-21 April, 2011.
  • President of Jawatankuasa Kolej Mahasiswa Tun Dr Ismail, UTM 2005.
  • NAS Grant, Member (Apr 2012 – Mac 2013)
  • Tier 1 Grant, Member (Nov 2015)
  • Dean’s List (2000 – 2001)
  • JSST 2012 Student Presentation Award (Sept 2012)
  • Scholarship: Asian Human Research Fund (Oct 2012)
  • SICE 2013 Young Authors Awards for Practical Application Paper (Sept 2013)
Book Chapters
  • Fitri Yakub, Yasuchika Mori: Exploting the Orthonormal Function Based on Model Predictive Control for Automotive Application. AsiaSim 2014, Edited by Satoshi Tanaka, Kyoko Hasegawa, Rui Xu, Naohisa Sakamoto, Stephen John Turner, 10/2014: chapter Simulation of Instrumentation and Control Application: pages 278-290; Springer Berlin Heidelberg., ISBN: 978-3-662-45288-2.
  • Fitri Yakub, Ahmad Zahran, Yasuchika Mori: Quiet Standing of Time-Delay Stability with Derivative Feedback Control. The Malaysia-Japan Model on Technology Partnership, Edited by Khairuddin Ab. Hamid, Osamu Ono, Anas Muhamad Bostamam, Amy Poh Ai Ling, 11/2013: chapter Science and Technology: pages 59-70; Springer Japan., ISBN: 978-4-431-54438-8.
  • Fitri Yakub, Rini Akmeliawati, Aminudin Abu: Practical Control Method for Two-Mass Rotary Point-To-Point Positioning Systems. PID Controller Design Approaches – Theory, Tuning and Application to Frontier Areas, 03/2012; ISBN: 978-953-51-0405-6.
Selected Publications
  • Fitri Yakub, Shihao Lee, and Yasuchika Mori: Comparative study of LQR and MPC control method with disturbance observer for rollover prevention in inclement environments. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology: Q3, IF=0.838, Accepted
  • Fitri Yakub, Shamsul Sarip, Aminudin Abu, Yasuchika Mori: Study of Model Predictive Control for Path Following Autonomous Ground Vehicle Control under Crosswind Effect. Journal of Control Science and Engineering: 3/2016; ArticleID6752671; 18pages; Scopus.
  • Fitri Yakub, Yasuchika Mori: Heavy Vehicle Stability and Rollover Prevention via Switching Model Predictive Control. International journal of innovative computing, information & control: IJICIC 10/2015; 11(5):1751-1764. Scopus.
  • Fitri Yakub, Yasuchika Mori: Minimizing Tracking Error in Path Following Control of Autonomous Ground Vehicle. ICIC Express Letters: 06/2015; 9(6):1-7. Scopus.
  • Fitri Yakub, Yasuchika Mori: Comparative study of autonomous path-following vehicle control via model predictive control and linear quadratic control. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part D Journal of Automobile Engineering: 01/2015; 229(12). Q3, IF=0.638, DOI:10.1177/0954407014566031.
  • Fitri Yakub, Yasuchika Mori: Enhancing Path Following Control Performance of Autonomous Ground Vehicle through Coordinated Approach under Disturbance Effect. IEEJ Transactions on Electronics Information and Systems: 01/2015; 135(1):102-110. DOI:10.1541/ieejeiss.135.102. Scopus.
  • Fitri Yakub, Yasuchika Mori: Enhancing Rollover Prevention and Vehicle Stability of Heavy Vehicle under Disturbance Effect. Applied Mechanics and Materials: 11/2014; 695:596-600. DOI:10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.695.596. Scopus.
  • Fitri Yakub, Ahmad Zahran Md Khudzairi, Yasuchika Mori: Recent trends for practical rehabilitation robotics, current challenges and the future. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research: 03/2014; 37(1):9-21. Q3, IF=1.114, DOI:10.1097/MRR.0000000000000035.
  • Fitri Yakub, Andika Aji Wijaya, Mustafa Al-Ani: Practical Control for Two-Mass Positioning Systems in Presence of Saturation. 03/2012; 10(1):91-102. DOI: