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Academic Staff : Zool

Ir Dr Zool H Ismail
BEng – Electrical: Mechatronics (UTM, Malaysia), MEng – Mechatronics and Automatic Control (UTM, Malaysia), PhD Electrical Engineering (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom),
staff-zool-hilmi Senior Lecturer
Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (ESE)
Center For Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIRO)
Email: zool@utm.my  or  zool@ieee.org
Tel (office): 03-22031495
Tel (mobile): 019-9816001
Research Interests
  • Environment Monitoring Robot
  • Nonlinear Task-Space Control
  • Multiple and Redundant Robots
  • Internet of Things
  • Navigation and Intelligent Control
  • Pneumatic Actuator
 Professional Membership
  • Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) – Electronic
  • Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)
  • Insitute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMAREST)
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE)
  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
  • Society for Underwater Technology (SUT)
  • Asian Control Association (ACA)
  • ASEAN Engineer (ASEAN Eng.), ASEAN Engineers Register
Professional Qualification
  • Professional Engineer (PEng)
  • Associate ASEAN Engineer (AAE)
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng)
  • Chartered Marine Engineer (CMarEng)
Selected Publications
  • M. F. Rahmat, S. N. S. Salim, A. ‘A. M. Faudzi and Z. H. Ismail, “Position Control of Pneumatic Actuator using Enhancement NPID Controller Base on Characteristic of Rate Variation Nonlinear Gain”, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2014.
  • M. Pashna, R. Yusof and Z. H. Ismail, “Numerical Modeling of the Oil Spill Trajectory and Real-Time Tracking Using Intelligent Swarm Robots”, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013, Vol. 446 – 447, pp. 1261-1265.
  • Z. H. Ismail and M. W. Dunnigan, “Nonlinear H-Infinity Optimal Control Scheme for an Underwater Vehicle with Regional Function Formulation”, Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2013, Vol. 2013, pp. 1-7.
  • Z. H. Ismail, B. M. Mokhar, “Adaptive Tracking Control Scheme for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle subject to a Union of Boundaries”, Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences, Vol. 42(8), 2013, pp. 999-1005.
  • Z. H. Ismail and M. W. Dunnigan, “Adaptive Robust Tracking Control of an Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator System with Sub-Region and Self-Motion Criteria”, Control and Intelligent Systems, 2012, Vol. 40(1), pp. 57-67.
  • Z. H. Ismail and M. W. Dunnigan, “A Region Boundary-Based Control Scheme for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle,” Ocean Engineering, December 2011, Vol. 38(17-18), pp. 2270-2280.
  • Z. H. Ismail and M. W. Dunnigan, “Tracking Control Scheme for an Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator System with Single and Multiple of Sub-Region and Sub-Task Objectives,” IET – Control Theory & Applications, March 2011, Vol. 5(5), pp.721–735.
Grants (Principal Researcher)
  • Malaysia Research University (RU) Grant: Matching Grant (2014-2016) – Floating Sensor Modules for River Monitoring System
  • Collaborative Research: Public Works Department and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (2014-2016) – Integrated Green Energy Profiler Environmental Logger
  • AUN-SEED-Net: Collaborative Research Program for Common Regional Issues (CRC) (2014-2016) – Floating Sensor Modules for River Monitoring System
  • Malaysia Research University (RU) Grant – Tier 1(2014-2016) – Region Based Control Scheme of an Underwater Vehicle with Kinematically Redundant Thrusters
  • Exploratory Research Grant Scheme (ERGS) (2012-2014) – Exploration on the Use of Dynamic Region Boundary-Based Control Scheme for an Underwater Vehicle
  • Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) (2011-2013) – A New Geometric Formation Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  • Malaysia Research University (RU) Grant – Tier 2 (2011-2012) – A Region Boundary-Based Control Scheme For A Fully Actuated 6 DOF Underwater Vehicle
  • Malaysia Research University (RU) Grant – NAS (2011-2012) – Regulation Control Scheme for an Underwater Vehicle with Edge-Based Segmentation Approach
Consulting and Industrial Experience
  • Visiting Researcher (TWAS-UNESCO):Department of Electrical Engineering, JUST, Jordan, Jan 2016 and 2017.
  • Visiting Researcher at Department of Systems Science, Kyoto University, Japan (September 2014).
  • AUV Engineer at Offshore Geo-Surveys (OGS) Sdn. Bhd., Kuala Lumpur, (Febuary 2012 – January 2013).
  • Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (January 2006-February 2011)
  • Postgraduate Student/Tutor at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (June 2004-December 2005)
  • Trainer – Operation & Maintenance (O&M) at Telekom Malaysia (TM), Kota Bharu, Kelantan, (March 2003 – May 2003).
  • Publicity Chair for Asian Control Conference – ASCC 2015
  • Honorary Auditor 2014/2015 at YPS IET (Malaysia Network)
  • Organizer for the 1st Mini Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics – AIR 2013
  • Member for Mechatronics, Instrumentation, Robotic and Control Exhibition Day – MIRCED 2013
  • Academic Student Advisor, Electrical Engineering students, 2006 – present
  • Paper Reviewer, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 2013, 2014
  • Paper Reviewer, Ocean Engineering, 2011, 2014
  • Technical Member, MIRCED 2012 and 2013
  • Tutor and Lab Assistant at Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom, 2007 – 2011
  • First Place for RoboCup@Home Education Japan Open 2016 and 2017
  • Highest Cumulative Impact Factor Award (Materials and Manufacturing Research Alliance), 2014
  • UTM Excellent Service Award, 2012 and 2015
  • EPS Research Thesis Award, 2011
  • Candidate for Heriot-Watt University MacFarlane Prize, 2011
  • MARA Academic Scholarship (Undergraduate programme), 2000-2004