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After invention of the Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) in 1961, new technologies combining properties of coherent optical light and conventional electronics have been rapidly developed. Constructions of the world wide optical fiber communication network made possible to shear information generated in different country to another country without no time delay. Precise optical measuring system based on the property of coherent optical light have developed, and are using not only in mechanical precision measuring technology but also using in the environmental engineering to identify the contamination material with detailed data such as size and amount of the material. Opto-electronics is a basics technology to support very wide engineering field. However, there is no formal research group on the opto-electronics in MJIIT. Now, five researchers are working on the opto-electronics in MJIIT, but are working independently. It is required to establish an i-kohza relating to the opto-electronics and work together to increase research activities for MJIIT. The main objective of the group is to establish a world-class collaborative research environment backed by strong research funding while harnessing expertise from Malaysia, Japan and abroad.

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