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Electron Beam Evaporator | Nanofabrication Laboratory

Electron Beam Evaporator

Model: ULVAC VPC 100

The unit is a high-speed, high vacuum deposition system facilitated with both the electron beam gun and the resistance heating. Four crucibles for electron beam deposition and three heating boats for heat resistance deposition available so that continuous deposition up to seven different metals can be done. The vacuum system is facilitated with turbo molecular pump for fast vacuum process. The ultimate pressure in the deposition chamber is up to 4 × 10-4 Pa. The deposited thickness can be monitored. Please be noted that, this unit did not come with substrate heater and rotation.

Recommended sample size: 50 mm2
Maximum sample size: 220 mm2

We provide several common sources for evaporation such as Ge, Ni, Ti, Cr. While for metals such as Au, Pt, or others which are not stated, they must be provided by the user.