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MJIIX 2024 aims to provide a dynamic platform for industries to connect with MJIIT, creating a space for meaningful collaborations that transcend borders. By showcasing cutting-edge technologies, research breakthroughs, and industrial advancements, the expo seeks to attract the interest of both local and  international industries, inviting them to become strategic partners in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation. The accompanying Career Fair 2024 is designed not only to facilitate job opportunities for MJIIT students but also to serve as a bridge between academia and industry. Companies participating in the fair will have the unique opportunity to interact directly with the talented pool of students at MJIIT, presenting an avenue for potential recruitment and talent acquisition. This event is more than just a showcase of innovation and career opportunities; it’s a platform for mutual growth and understanding. MJIIX 2024 aspires to introduce companies to the vibrant community of students, providing a space where ideas can flourish, partnerships can be forged, and career paths can take exciting new trajectories.


  • Cultivate and attract the interest of industries to collaborate with MJIIT.
  • Promote research areas conducted by each Ikohza that can enhance market visibility and subsequently increase the number of postgraduate students.
  • Provide a job search platform for UTM and MJIIT students through the MJIIT Career Fair program.


  • Job recruitments
  • Join-Laboratory / Satellite Lab
  • Single tax deduction
  • R&D Collaboration
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Postgraduate Opportunity
  • University-Industry Collaboration
  • Industry Advisory Panel



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