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The MDRM Programme concept lies in the balance and links among “Education/Training – Research – Practice.”

While knowledge is acquired through “Education/Training,” “Research” allows us in making the analysis and “Practice” provides the skills for us to make evidence-based decisions and actions. In this context, the MDRM Programme attempts to develop DRM professionals who will be equipped with these set of skills.

As an academic institution, MJIIT excels in providing the finest education/training as well as research opportunities in the DRM field. To verify the information into field practice, the MDRM Programme utilizes its strong partnership with DRM-related agencies, NGOs and local governments. The Programme’s ultimate goal is to establish a network of DRM professionals who can work together in building disaster resilience in their respective countries and communities. MDRM students will be a part of our network of DRM professionals consisting of people from various countries and backgrounds.