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DPPC iKohza undertakes research activities in environmental and disaster science in the form of “Kohza(講座)” in which research activities are conducted as a group effort. “Kohza”, sometime referred to as “Labs”, is a common system in Japanese universities in which group of senior and junior professors together with post-docs and students from undergraduate and post-graduate degree work jointly to improve each others research outputs. In this process, a “Senpai (senior students)” may guide and support “Kohai (junior students)” in their research in a co-learning fashion. The members of Kohza are like a family, mentors, rivals and comrades all at the same time. It is believed that this kind of system will help students not only to build skills and expertise, but also to prepare them to become future leaders in their respective fields. If you are interested to join the DPPC family, please contact DPPC at dppc@utm.my