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Yayasan Petronas Sentuhan Kasih: Disaster Relief (SKDR) – Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM)

Yayasan PETRONAS Sentuhan Kasih: Disaster Relief (SKDR) – Community-based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) is a high-impact program that aims to increase the capacity and capability of vulnerable communities. Its main objective is to identify the strengths or weaknesses of the community in an effort to build the level of community resilience, social equity, environmental care, prosperity and economic sustainability. This program is implemented in Tumpat (Kelantan) and Pekan (Pahang) where these areas often experience floods every year.

This program provides an opportunity for locals who have helped flood victims during the monsoon season to get more exposure and training to make them better prepared and trained and will be appointed and recognized as a “LOCAL CHAMPION” team. Therefore, the CBDRM program is expected to empower the community with the support of all stakeholders in efforts to improve disaster risk reduction, preparedness, response, and recovery as well as promote the concept of “Build-back-Better”) in the face of multiple disasters in the future.