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Laboratory Equipment

Near Infrared Drone

Near Infrared Drone (Brand: Agribotix, Model: Phantom 4 Pro-B Agrion 184 M)

High Performance Computer

High Performance Computer (Brand: HP)

Internet of Things (IOT) Smart Cities

Internet of Things (IOT) Smart Cities (Brand: Libelium, Model: Smart Cities)

Internet of Things (IOT) Smart Security & Agriculture

Internet of Things (IOT) Smart Security & Agriculture (Brand: Libelium, Model: Smart Security, Agriculter WASPMOTE-Plug NSE802.15.4.M)

Others Laboratory Equipment

  • Tablet Computer  (Brand: Panasonic, Model: FZ-G1)
  • 60″ LED TV (Brand: Samsung)
  • Laptop (Brand: HP, Model: Zbook 15u G4)

To facilitate the effective use of immersive VR techniques in disster risk management.

  • Advanced Disaster Geo-visualisation for Decision Support System (DSS)
  • Immersive Virtual Reality Systems

  • Multi-purpose and multi-scales

  • Simulating complex and repeated lab experiments

  • Depiction of disaster scene & Staging disaster

  • Study reaction time in disaster response (simulated disaster experience)

An immersive projection display which allows 3D and 4D models to be displayed using stereoscopic visualisation at full scale capabilities.

  • Land use land cover prediction through green infrastructures of ecosystem services for urban resilience

                       Kamran Jafarpour Ghalehteimouri

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