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 Department of Chemical Process Engineering

As the Head of Department, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for showing interest in the Department of Chemical Process Engineering (CPE) of MJIIT. We are a relatively new Department, offering a Bachelor in Chemical Process Engineering, and Masters (MPhil) & PhD by research. Chemical Engineering is at the heart of our programmes, with a focus on its environmental applications for a truly sustainable future. CPE emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary research and international collaboration in education by offering a number of i-Kohzas (research laboratories) to our members and students including: Air Resources (AIR), Ecological Engineering (EE), Centre for Lipids Engineering Applied Research (CLEAR), Chemical Energy Conversions and Applications (ChECA) and Metabolic Engineering and Molecular Biology (MEMO-Bio). Our international team of staff has strong links with Japanese Universities and other international institutions, offering opportunities for joint supervision and study abroad to our students. With that, I would like to welcome you to CPE and I look forward to receiving your inquiries.


Yours sincerely,
Dr. Mariam Firdhaus Binti Mad Nordin
Head of Department,
Chemical Process Engineering Department MJIIT,
About CPE
The Department of Chemical Process Engineering (CPE) has been set up to contribute in the area of Chemical Engineering. The Department of CPE  was initially  known as the Department of Environmental & Green Technology, established in September 2012 and changed to current department in 2017. The department offers the undergraduate programme, which awards the degree of Bachelor of Chemical Process Engineering.
Currently, the department has 17 academic staff members, which consist of local and Japanese, and 1 Assistant Vocational Training Officer. The academic staff members have different backgrounds such as in pure chemical engineering, bioprocess chemical engineering, bio engineering, chemistry, agriculture and geography.

The research area for each of our academicians are listed as below

Academician Research Interest I-kohza
1. contact-staff-mariamDr. Mariam Firdaus Bt. Mad Nordin


  • Agricultural based product
  • Waste to wealth product
  • Downstream process
  • Separation process
  • Herbal extract
 Shizen Conversion & Separation Technology (SHIZEN)
2. faculty-academics-ezzat-chanProf. Dr. Ezzat Chan b. Abdullah

03 2203 1211 / 1255

  • Simulation (heat island, thermal pollution)
  • Solid Waste Management (Waste to Wealth, Heavy Metal, Construction material, Sound barrier)
  •  Powder Technology (Flow properties of Powder, Cohesive Powder, Powder Coating, Solid-solid Mixing)
Air Resources Research Laboratory (AR)
3. contact-academic-rashidProf. Dr. Mohd Rashid Mohd Yusof

03 2203 1224

  • Air Resources Science and Engineering
  • Air pollution control & management, air quality monitoring & assessment
  • Characterization of atmospheric aerosols and toxic elements in high temperature processes
  • Schedule waste management
  • Disposal using incineration or combustion processes.
Air Resources Research Laboratory (AR)
4. Masafumi-GotoProf. Dr. Masafumi Goto

03 2203 1304

  • Environmental Process Engineering
  • solid waste management system
  • wastewater  treatment process
  • water quality management
  • Anaerobic digestion, new energy (biogas, bioalcohol, BDF)
  • Disaster management (water related)
Disaster Preparedness & Prevention Centre (DPPC)
5. faculty-academics-elsayedProf. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud El-Sayed Nasef

03 1022 1229

  • Functional polymeric materials for renewable energy devices, Ionic materials for environmental applications
  • Polymeric membranes for separation and purification
  • Organoctalaysts for green processes
  • Radiation processing of polymers and graft copolymerization
Chemical Energy Conversions and Applications (ChECA)
6. Prof. Dr. Tomoya Tsuji

03 2203 1336

  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Measurement and Prediction of Phase Equilibrium, VLE, LLE, SLE
  • Application of Equation of State
  • Design of Apparatus for High pressure  PVT, VLE, LLE, SLE
Shizen Conversion & Separation Technology (SHIZEN)
7. contact-staff-Kenichi YonedaAssoc. Prof. Dr. Kenichi Yoneda

03 2203 1298

  • Waste Management Tech.
  • Landfill Remediation Tech.
  • Waste Recycling Tech.
  • Waste to Energy Tech.
  • Near Infrared Tech.
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization Tech.
  • Dioxin Reduction Tech.
Shizen Conversion & Separation Technology (SHIZEN)
8. contact-academic-hirofumi-haraAssoc. Prof. Dr. Hirofumi Hara

03 2203 1264

  • Bioengineering
  • Biochemistry and Enzymology
  • Applied Microbiology
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Bioinformatics and Genomics
Metabolic Engineering & Molecular Biology (Memobio)
9. faculty-academics-nurulbahiyahDr. Nurul Bahiyah binti Ahmad Khairudin

03 2203 1263

Structural Bioinformatics Chemical Energy Conversions and Applications (ChECA)
10. faculty-academics-PramilaDr. Pramila a/p Tamunaidu

03 2203 1523

  • Solid Waste Management
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Biomass Technology
  • Biofuels and Biochemicals
Shizen Conversion & Separation Technology (SHIZEN)
11. contact-staff-liew-peng-yenDr. Liew Peng Yen


  • Process System Engineering
  • Process Integration, Resource and Energy Conservation
  • Industrial Utility System Optimization
  • Sustainability, Renewable Energy
Process Systems Enginnering Centre (PROSPECT)
12. Dr. Roshafima bt. Rasit Ali


  • Biopolymer
  • Biocomposites
  • Green packaging
  • Liquid natural rubber
  • Bioplastics
Chemical Energy Conversions and Applications (ChECA)
13. Dr. Nurfatehah Wahyuny binti Che Jusoh


  • Wastewater treatment – Photocatalytic
  • Adsorption, Catalyst
Chemical Energy Conversions and Applications (ChECA)
14. Dr Nabilah Binti Zaini


  • Gas Separation
  • Oil and Gas Treatment
  • Agricultural Adsorption
  • Green–Based Adsorbent
15. Ir. Dr. Tan Lian See


  • CO2 capture and utilization
  • Corrosion
  • Separation processes (absorption and membrane technology)
Shizen Conversion & Separation Technology (SHIZEN)
16. Dr. Norhuda Abd Wahab03 2203 1265


Process System Engineering,Energy & Environmental Sustainability
17. faculty-academics-ruwaidaDr. Nor Ruwaida binti Jamian

03 2203 1335


Air Pollution Measurement & Control,Air Dispersion Modelling Air Resources Research Laboratory (AR)


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