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Prof. Dr. Yoshihide Yamada

BEng. ; (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan),

MEng. ; (Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan),

Dr. of E.Eng. ; (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)



Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (ESE)


Tel:03 2203 1545

Emeritus Professor National Defense Academy, Japan (NDA)

Research Interests

  • Antenna analysis and designing
  • Fabrication and measurement of antennas
  • Electromagnetic simulations of antennas
  • Wave propagation

Professional Membership

  • Senor member, IEEE Antennas and propagation society
  • Fellow member, IEICE Communication society
  • Member, Applied computational electromagnetic society
  • Member, Simulation society Japan



  • December 2015 (Two years) (Active). RM 53000. RESEARCH ACCULTURATION GRANT SCHEME (Appli. ID. 124410-137159). “Characterization of Metamaterial Radome Lens Antenna through Analytical Ray Tracing Technique”


  • Excellent paper award from
    Comm. Society of IEICE at 2013
    For the paper “Small Broadband Handset Antenna Using Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line”, published in IEICE Trans. Commun., Vol.J95-B, No.9, pp.1060-1068, Sept. 2012
  • Tutorial paper award from Comm. Society of IEICE at 2014 For the paper Design Methods an” Electrical Performances of Small Normal-Mode Helical Antennas”, published in IEICE Trans. Commun., Vol.J96-B, No.9, pp.894-906, Sept. 2013


  • Senior Research Engineer, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (1973-1993)
  • Senior Research Engineer, Mobile Communications Network Inc. ( 1993-1995)
  • Head of the Communication Systems Department, YRP Mobile Telecommunications Key Technology Research Laboratories Co. Ltd (1995-1998)
  • Professor of National defense Academy (1998-2014)


  • Board of Directors at ACES (Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society) from 2010 to 2013
  • Chairperson of a research group on mobile communications of JSST (Japan Society of Simulation Technology) from 2001 to2003
  • Vice chair of the organizing committee of ISAP2000 (International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation).,2000

Selected Publications

Keynote Speaker

  •  Yoshihide Yamada, Introduction to Antennas for radio communication systems, presented in Advanced Research in Electrical and electronic conference (ARiEET2015), Bandung, Indonesia, November 2426, 2012.


  • Nural Huda Abd Rahman, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Yoshihide Yamada and Naobumi Michishita, “Design of Shaped-Beam Parabolic reflector Antenna for Peninsular Malaysia Beam coverage and its Overlapping Feed Issues”, ACES Journal, Vol.30, No.9, pp.952-958, September 2015
  • N. H. Abd Rahman, M. T. Islam, N. Misran, Y.Yamada and N.Michishita, “Generating Contoured Beams for Malaysia Region by Using a Caustic Locus Graph”, IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, Vol.56, No.6, pp.328-336, Dec. 2014.
  • Naobumi Michishita, Junichi Shinohara, Yoshihide Yamada, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Norbahiah Misran, Design of an Array Feed Offset Parabolic Reflector Antenna by Using Electromagnetic Simulations and Measured Results,” ACES Journal, Vol.28, No.12, pp.1250-1258, Dec. 2013.
  • More than 50 journal papers


  • Yoshihide Yamada. “Designing of a Very Small Antenna for Metal-Proximity Applications,” INTECH book [Advances Radio Frequency Identification Design and Applications], Chapter 5, pp.77-114, March 2011
  • Yoshihide Yamada, “ Special topic:Methods of designing, fabrication and measurement for very small antennas”, CQ publication Co. Ltd. Technical magazine of RF-world, No.14, pp.7-57, May 2011 (in Japanese)
  •  Yoshihide Yamada, et.al. ”Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook-third edition”, Edited by Kyohei Fujimoto, Artech House, Chapter 4, pp.141-165, June 2008