The Chemical Energy Conversions and Applications (ChECA) research laboratory is dedicated for the promotion of research on sustainable energy development via the application of fundamentals of chemical energy conversion reactions and development of new materials to enhance their efficiency. Our research involves development of variety of functional solid materials with fast ion or electron transport capable of driving various chemical conversion reactions such as catalytic, electrocatalytic, photocatalytic and biocatalytic reactions to obtain energy and store it in various forms. The research also involves investigation of transport phenomenon of ions, electrons and other associated species in solid materials and solid/liquid or solid/gas interface together with their mechanisms in various materials such as solid electrolytes, mixed conductors, catalysts, photo-catalysts, functional membranes, and nano-structured materials. The chemical energy conversion applications of interest include but not limited to batteries, fuel reformers, bio-fuels, fuel cells, bio-fuel cells, chemical solar cells, chemical sensors, actuators, and super-capacitors. The i-Kohza also advises relevant industries on chemical energy conversion problems.

Future Prospects:

The “ChECA” iKohza will grow in a flexible and adaptive manner to accommodate the variation in the academic and industrial requirements. It will also involve other iKohza and will have independent/cross-sectional themes to make MJIIT a hub for synergetic research activities and industrial problem solving in the field of sustainable energy. The “ChECA” iKohza will also have intensive relationship with industries and other research organization through collaborations, technical communications and industrial projects. A schematic diagram for research collaboration prospective with other i-Kohza research institutes.