The Nanofabrication Laboratory is one of a research facility under MJIIT Service Laboratories. We are multidisciplinary, user-supported facility providing equipment and resources for deposition of thin film material and the fabrication of patterned micro- and nano-sized structures. Users work with variety of substrates to fabricate devices and structures for electronic, photonic, MEMS, NEMS, and several more applications.


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Latest News

ADME iKohza At a Glance

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Kulliyah of Engineering, IIUM – Client

On 16th of July, 2017, we proudly served our clients, Dr. Aliza Aini and her group from ECE Department, Kulliyah of Engineering, International Islamic University Malaysia. They are doing a tour and a quick material characterization, assisted by our surface profiler system. Pic: Dr. Farahidah, Dr. Rosminazuin and Dr. Aliza Aini with our … Read More

Electron Beam Lithography in Clean Room Class 1000

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Dry Process and Deposition Facilities in Clean Room Class 10000

Lithography The key to device fabrication at a small scale is about precise control of geometric shapes, dimensions, and location of the pattern. As the minimum size of features are getting smaller, we adapt difference technologies for micro and nano lithography to deliver solution in high-resolution pattern transfer while considering the optimum … Read More