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Fuminori Kobayashi
BA, MS, PhD, all Control Engineering (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
faculty-academics-fuminori Professor
Head of Embedded Systems iKohza<
Deputy Dean, Liaison & Internationalization
Tel: 03 2203 1320 (DD L&I office: 1204)

Emeritus and Project Professor
Kyushu Inst. of Tech., Japan

Research Interests
  • PLLs (phase-locked loops)
  • Dynamically reconfigurable systems
  • Realtime systems
  • Circuits and systems in control and instrumentation
  • MoE: “Fundamental Study of Finit-State-Machine with Data Path for Power-Aware Three‐Dimensional Integrated Circuits” (chief: CY Ooi), 2014
  • JSPS Fundamental C, “Circuit-efficient sample-rate convertor by Fourier interpolation”, 2008-2010.
Previous Positions
  • 1989-2012, Kyushu Inst. of Tech., Japan, as an assoc. prof. and prof.,of Dept. of  Systems Design and Informatics, dean of School of Comp. Sci. &  Syst. Eng., vice president for education, and director of Center for Microelectronic  Syst.
  • 1980-1989, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan, as a research assoc. and assoc. prof. of Dept. of Mechanical Syst. Eng., and vice director of Computer/Info. Process Center
Professional Membership
  • IEEE
  • IEICE (Inst. of Electron., Information. and Comm. Engineers), Japan
  • Tutorial speaker,  Asia-Pacific Conf. on Circuits And Systems, 2010
  • Steering committee, ICROS-SICE Int. Joint Conf., 2009
Selected Publications

Recent Journals

  • Slamet, Rasli, Kobayashi: “A new approach of maximum power point tracking technique for suddenly changed irradiance in photovoltaic systems”, Jurnal Teknologi, 2014
  • Kobayashi, Higuchi: “Dynamic reconfiguration of analog circuits for small-area filter imple-mentation”, Far-East Journal of Electronics and Communications, vol.11, No.1, pp.35-45, 2013
  • Machida, Inoue, Kobayashi: “Highly precise rotational speed control by a hybrid of PLL and repetitive control”, Trans. IEE Japan, vol.132C, No.5, 2012
  • Machida, Kambara, Tanaka, Kobayashi: “A motor speed servo system based on the dual-loop PLL”, Trans. IEE Japan, vol.131C, pp.337-342, 2011
  • Watanabe, Shiki, Kobayashi: “Scaling prospect of optically differential reconfigurable gate array VLSIs,” Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, vol.60, pp.137-143, 2008

Recent Conferences

  • Maryam, Kobayashi, Ooi, Nordinah: “Low power FPGA design using dynamic partial reconfiguration with power gating”, MJJIS, ES-2-1, 2013
  • Kobayashi, Higuchi: “Analog Dynamic Reconfiguration for Area-Efficient Implementation”, IEEE MidWest Symp. on Circuits And Syst., 2011
  • Machida, Kambara, Tanaka, Kobayashi: “A Motor Speed Control System Using Dual-Loop PLL and Speed Feed-Forward/Back”, IEEE Int. Conf. on Mechatron. and Automation, 2010
  • Kobayashi, Egashira: “A PLL Configuration for Reducing both Incoming and Inherent Jitters”, IEEE Int. Conf. on Electron. Circuit and Syst., 2009
  • Nakanishi, Kobayashi, Kondoh: “Low-jitter PLL by Interpolating Compensation and Feedback”, IEEE Asia-Pac. Conf. on Circuit And Syst., 2008
  • Watanabe, Kobayashi, “Superimposing technique of reconfiguration contexts”, 15th ACM/SIGDA Int. Symp. on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, 2007


  • Object-oriented numerical computation by Java, Corona Publishing, Japan, 2003
  • Translation: D. Savic: Object-oriented programming with Smalltalk, Toppan, Japan, 1991
  • Coauthor: Recent advances in motion control, Daily Industrial News Publishing, Japan, 1990
  • Object orientation and Smalltalk, CQ Publishing, Japan, 1989
  • Coauthor: Numerical operation processors, CQ Publishing, Japan, 1987