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Bachelor of Chemical Process Engineering (CPE)

The Chemical Process Engineering program is offered to develop the engineers and scientists who can manage problems in construction and operation of complex systems such as energy production systems, chemical plants, food processing systems, biological processes or problems in environmental conservation.

The students will be taught the relevant skills and technologies to find problems in complex systems. The Chemical Process Engineering program provides education on chemical engineering, transport phenomena, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, system control, optimization theory or so on. Students in this program will acquire the fundamental knowledge and practical skills through lectures and laboratory experiments.

Career prospects

Graduates from this program can seek employment opportunities as process engineers, design engineers, chemical engineers, research engineers, technical sales engineers, commissioning engineers, service engineers in the chemical and biochemical industry, the oil and gas industry, the water and waste water treatment industry, the power station, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the electronic industry, the heavy industry etc. Graduates of this program will also be prepared for entry into post graduate education either in MJIIT or other universities worldwide.

Elective Courses
Sustainable Resources
Sustainable Environment
Sustainable Energy
Fine Chemicals Technology Air Pollution Control Engineering Power Plant Engineering
Polymer Science and Engineering Waste Water Engineering Energy Conversion Science & Technology
Biotechnology and Bioprocessing Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Fuel Cell Fundamentals
Fundamentals and Application of Biosensors Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Biomass Technology

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