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During 14-17 June 2021, MJIIT participated in the Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform (JASTIP) side event of the 11th ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Week (ASTIW) representing the group of Working Package 4 (Disaster Prevention). The objectives of this side event were as below:

  1. Highlight the importance of the science and policy dialogue and identify gaps of “from theory to practice” by reviewing JASTIP’s Phase 1 (2015-2020) outcomes to strengthen the interactions of researchers and policy-makers in the ASEAN.
  2. Shape more practical schemes in JASTIP Phase 2 (2020-2025) to sustain the multi-stakeholder platform to carry out solution-oriented joint research to societal challenges.

From MJIIT that hosts the MJIIT-Kyoto University JASTIP Disaster Prevention Joint Lab, Professor Dr. Ali Selamat, Dean of MJIIT, gave a presentation on MJIIT’s contributions through the educational and research activities to strengthen DRR for Malaysia as well as for the region since the establishment of the joint lab in 2017.

Other presenters included representatives from Kyoto University, Japan, NSTDA (Energy and Environment Joint Lab (WP2), Thailand), LIPI (Bioresources and Biodiversity Joint Lab, Indonesia), Thuy Loi University (Disaster Prevention and Risk Reduction sub-Lab, Vietnam) and Institute of Technology of Cambodia (JASTIP WP2 partner, Cambodia).

MJIIT plans to continue facilitation of collaborations among ASEAN and Japanese partners and promote joint researches, produce scientific knowledge, strengthen human and institutional capacities to support policy makers better understand and make decisions to solve complex socioeconomic issues and challenges for sustainable environmental management.