During 17 – 19 January 2020, MJIIT delegation consisting of Prof. Dr. Ali Selamat, Dean of MJIIT, Dr. Muhamad Ali bin Mohd Yuzir, Dr. Abd Halim Bin Md Ali and Dr. Shohei Matsuura, JICA Expert attended the 3rd Japan-ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation Platform (JASTIP) and the ASEAN Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation.

Hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, the meeting reviewed the accomplishments seen during the first phase (2015-2019) of JASTIP in all sectors (Energy & Environment, Bioresources & Biodiversity and Disaster Prevention) and discussed on the visions for proposing ideas for Phase 2.

MJIIT is the home of the MJIIT-Kyoto University JASTIP Disaster Prevention Joint Lab on UTM’s Kuala Lumpur Campus and has been central in both educational and research activities in the Disaster Prevention sector of JASTIP.

The members of the Disaster Prevention sector agreed that Phase 2 will have the following concepts and themes:

  1. Common issues in ASEAN countries (e.g. flood, landslide, typhoon, high tide, tsunami, haze, dam safety, reservoir sustainability, coastal erosion)
    – Mekong River (Flow and Sediment Regime Change) in Lao PDR, Cambodia and Vietnam
    – Coastal Flooding (Tsunami and High Tide) in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam
  2. Transboundary issues (international river flood and sediment, haze, tsunami)
    – River Basin Management (Flood, Water Resources and Sediment) in the Philippines and Vietnam
    – Cultural Heritage & DRR (Flood and Sediment) in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia

JASTIP partners also agreed to continue to support MJIIT as a regional DRR hub in education/training, research and field practice for sustainable development the ASEAN region.