Research Focus

Metabolic Engineering and Molecular Biology

The Metabolic Engineering and Molecular Biology (MEMO-Bio) ikohza was established in April 2014. The focus of this i-Kohza is to solve environmental issues using function of microorganism. Issues of depletion of fossil fuel and natural resources are getting worse and the use of green technology to combat climate change, to produce renewable energy, to reduce pollution are some of the objectives in the research at MEMO-Bio. Establishment of MEMO-Bio ikohza is particularly well suited for Malaysia with a wealth of microorganism yet to be characterized and investigated for their capabilities to degrade pollutants or to create new materials or fine chemicals from biomass.  From the vast volumes of biomass from the palm oil and other agro-based industries, there is potential for Malaysia to produce the energy source, such as bio ethanol/bio hydrogen products, and chemical conversions creating high value-added chemical product for industrial and medical materials, such as antibiotics, vitamin, hormone and useful compounds from the action of microbes and modified metabolic pathway of microorganism. MJIIT is well equipped with high-end analytical equipment for chemical analysis, gene/genomic analysis, and protein/enzyme analysis. Student who has scientific field are also welcome to join MEMO-Bio ikohza.