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Farewell to Mr. Shunsuke Nakamura from Kindai University, Japan

Goodbye Nakamura! Please visit us again!

Mr. Shunsuke Nakamura (Yellow shirt) with iKohza’s members.

We had the opportunity to work with Mr. Shunsuke Nakamura as the Adjunct Lecturer in Memobio iKohza from 1st of April 2019 until 31st of March 2020. Mr. Nakamura was a Master students from Kindai University in Osaka, Japan and immediately appointed as soon as he graduated from the University.

During his time in Memobio iKohza, he assisted in many research regarding the production of biocoke from biomass that are abundantly available in Malaysia. He also participated in discussions and helped with the installation of the biocoke machine in MJIIT. 

Farewell gift from Memobio members to Mr. Nakamura by Head of iKohza (Hara Sensei)

With his expertise in production of coke from biomass, he managed to help our students on the experiments and analyses required to get a high quality of biocoke. With his help, we’re able to publish in ISI-indexed (Q1) journals and we’re looking forward to more collaboration opportunity with Mr. Nakamura in the future.