Launching “MJIIT-Panasonic Collaborative Research Laboratory”

On November 23, 2021, the Malaysian Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) signed a cooperation agreement with Panasonic Appliances R & D Center Asia Pacific SDN. BHD. (PAPRADAP) to launch the “MJIIT- Panasonic Collaborative Research Laboratory”. 
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In collaboration with MJIIT’s MEMOBIO iKohza (Metabolic Engineering and Molecular Biology Reserach Laboratory), this joint laboratory aims to solve various problems peculiar to the Southeast Asian region, research on public health, especially harmful microorganisms and harmful substances peculiar to the tropical region.
We plan to conduct joint research focusing on the removal of harmful microorganisms and harmful substances.
At the signing ceremony, Managing Director Naoaki Ishimaru of PAPRADAP stated, “Through the launched collaborative lab, we would like to develop goods and technology contributing to Malaysia, utilizing Malaysian specific hygiene environment,”. In response, the Associate Professor Nor’Azizi, the Head of Memobio iKohza, expressed his expectations and enthusiasm for the joint research by stating “This is a very good chance for us, especially for young researchers, and we will try to maximize this given chance”.
This is the 6th establishment of a joint research laboratory between MJIIT and a Japanese company.
MJIIT is promoting industry-academia collaboration through the establishment of joint research laboratories and contract research.
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Dr. Nadia briefly explained the progress of the project to PAPRADAP (Mr. Ishimaru Naoaki and Mr. Tomoaki Kajiura), witnessed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nor’Azizi and JICA Expert (Mrs. Emiko Hamada – not in the picture)

The signing of Collaborative Agreement with Kansai Paint Asia Pacific and SIME Kansai Paint

On 11th November 2021, MJIIT received a visit by a group of the Kansai Paint companies for the first time after the collaboration started. In November 2020, the Collaborative Agreement was signed between Kansai Paint Asia Pacific, SIME Kansai Paint, and MJIIT, however, the visit could not be made earlier due to the MCO.
The aim of the collaboration is for the analysis and development of suitable paint material in Malaysia by utilizing electrical microscopies and other analytical equipment in MJIIT. During the visit, both parties discussed contributing and supporting the needs of MJIIT researchers, the promotion of science and technology, and the possibility of further collaborative research and lecture, based on the mutual benefits and advantages.
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Farewell to Mr. Shunsuke Nakamura from Kindai University, Japan

Goodbye Nakamura! Please visit us again!

Mr. Shunsuke Nakamura (Yellow shirt) with iKohza’s members.

We had the opportunity to work with Mr. Shunsuke Nakamura as the Adjunct Lecturer in Memobio iKohza from 1st of April 2019 until 31st of March 2020. Mr. Nakamura was a Master students from Kindai University in Osaka, Japan and immediately appointed as soon as he graduated from the University.

During his time in Memobio iKohza, he assisted in many research regarding the production of biocoke from biomass that are abundantly available in Malaysia. He also participated in discussions and helped with the installation of the biocoke machine in MJIIT. 

Farewell gift from Memobio members to Mr. Nakamura by Head of iKohza (Hara Sensei)

With his expertise in production of coke from biomass, he managed to help our students on the experiments and analyses required to get a high quality of biocoke. With his help, we’re able to publish in ISI-indexed (Q1) journals and we’re looking forward to more collaboration opportunity with Mr. Nakamura in the future.

Special Lecture by Prof. Hideaki Nojiri

Our iKohza is delighted to have a visit from Professor Dr.  Hideaki Nojiri from University of Tokyo, Japan and during his visit, Prof. Nojiri will give a special lecture to all Memobio members and attendants from other iKohzas. See you there!

Retirement of Prof. Datin Dr. ChM. Zuriati Zakaria

On 25th Of April 2017, we had a farewell makan-makan to celebrate our Head of iKohza retirement from MJIIT. Prof. Datin Dr. ChM. Zuriati Zakaria is the first Malaysian female that have obtained a PhD in Chemistry, and we are proud of having the opportunity of having YBhg Prof. Zuriati as our Head of iKohza since the iKohza started.

We will definitely miss the wisdom, support, encouragement and advices that YBhg. Prof. Zuriati has always blessed upon us during every Rinkoh sessions, every meetings and all of our gatherings. YBhg. Prof. Zuriati will continue her work outside of MJIIT by joining Institut Kimia Malaysia as one of the Board Member and consultant in various Industries.

Makan-makan farewell for Mr. Ryo Asada from Tsukuba University, Japan

Farewell Asada-kun! See you again!

Being in MJIIT, we had the opportunity to having exchange student program, by sending our students abroad and receiving International students to as our lab member for a period of time.  This time around, we had the opportunity to work with a PhD student from University of Tsukuba, Japan – Mr. Ryo Asada. He stayed in Malaysia for 1 semester and during that time we had the first opportunity of having a Japanese student in our group.

This first exchange of students between UT (University of Tsukuba) and MJIIT opens up a lot of opportunities to both parties, as Mr. Asada said his English has improved a lot while our students too managed to practice their Japanese speaking skills.

We wish the best of luck to Mr. Asada! May you finish your PhD with flying colors!

Talk By Prof. Dr. Shiraiwa

On 5 December 2016, Algal Biomass iKohza joint with Metabolic Engineering & Molecular Biology research lab had received guest from University of Tsukuba, Prof. Dr. Shiraiwa. The talk was about “Global Climate Change and Algal Biotechnology”.







Visitor from IUPAC, Dr. Lida Schoen

On 11/08/2016, our ikohza have received one guest from Holland, Dr Lida Schoen.


She also gave a talk to MEMOBIO members with the title, ‘Promoting Chemistry across the globe through the YAC programme”.





Dr. Lida Schoen received a doctorate in (analytical) Chemistry from the University of Amsterdam in 1972. Since then she has been involved in education in chemistry and Teacher Training (Amsterdam).  In 1996 she started her own educational consultancy, with mainly governmental commissions. Examples are experimental materials for a new chemistry curriculum (A-level), e.g on spectrometry and biochemistry and for general science on the male pill. A last commission came from the Social Security to write a curriculum and teaching materials to reintegrate unemployed people by means of computer work.  Lida is co-creator with Keith Kelly of the YAC (Young Ambassadors for Chemistry) project and is an active team member and promoter of Science Across the World programme.  In 2007, Lida was made a Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau by her Majesty the Queen for her contributions to Science education in and raising public understanding of chemistry.

Celebration of Hari Raya 2016 MEMOBIO & ALGAL ikohza

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The Muslim community in Malaysia and all over the world celebrates Hari Raya Aidilfitri, or also known as Hari Raya Puasa, to conclude the Ramadan holy month of fasting. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is regarded as a merry celebration as it marks a person’s triumph and success on discipline and self-resistance which symbolizes refinement and rebirth.

On 22 July 2016, our ikohza have celebrated Hari Raya after the slide presentation from our guest from the Tsukuba University. We served the foods like rendang, biscuits, cakes, nasi himpit, and many more.

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Presentation by the guests from Tsukuba University

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Our visitors from Tsukuba University and the postgraduate’s students of MEMOBIO and AlGAL ikohza

gmbr 5

Our Head of Ikohza, Prof Datin Zuriati Zakaria gave a short speech

Okay! Enjoy the pics!

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  • Rin-koh is one of the Japanese’s culture that have been practicing in the university. At the MJIIT, we applied this culture among students and lecturers. Thus, every week, there will be a Rin-koh session is a mandatory activity for each i-kohza.
  • The purpose of this activity is to encourage students to be more confident which is good for practicing their presentation’s skills. Besides that, it exposes students to the real working environment especially when attending meeting or presenting their ideas in the future. It is also a platform for students to gain more knowledge and sharing ideas.
  • The Rin-koh is mainly attended by i-kohza group’s members which are lecturers and students, however lecturers from other university are sometimes invited. Students from other faculties are also welcome to attend. Content of presentation slides can be from research paper, progress report, to demonstrate research skills or sharing research input.


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