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Makan-makan farewell for Mr. Ryo Asada from Tsukuba University, Japan

Farewell Asada-kun! See you again!

Being in MJIIT, we had the opportunity to having exchange student program, by sending our students abroad and receiving International students to as our lab member for a period of time.  This time around, we had the opportunity to work with a PhD student from University of Tsukuba, Japan – Mr. Ryo Asada. He stayed in Malaysia for 1 semester and during that time we had the first opportunity of having a Japanese student in our group.

This first exchange of students between UT (University of Tsukuba) and MJIIT opens up a lot of opportunities to both parties, as Mr. Asada said his English has improved a lot while our students too managed to practice their Japanese speaking skills.

We wish the best of luck to Mr. Asada! May you finish your PhD with flying colors!