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Retirement of Prof. Datin Dr. ChM. Zuriati Zakaria

On 25th Of April 2017, we had a farewell makan-makan to celebrate our Head of iKohza retirement from MJIIT. Prof. Datin Dr. ChM. Zuriati Zakaria is the first Malaysian female that have obtained a PhD in Chemistry, and we are proud of having the opportunity of having YBhg Prof. Zuriati as our Head of iKohza since the iKohza started.

We will definitely miss the wisdom, support, encouragement and advices that YBhg. Prof. Zuriati has always blessed upon us during every Rinkoh sessions, every meetings and all of our gatherings. YBhg. Prof. Zuriati will continue her work outside of MJIIT by joining Institut Kimia Malaysia as one of the Board Member and consultant in various Industries.