Research Focus

The Intelligent Dynamics System (IDS) i-Kohza is currently focusing on several research areas.

Prospective students interested in doing a Masters or PhD in these areas are encouraged to contact any of the group members.

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Research Interest:

I. Structure:      II. Acoustics: 
a)Linear & Nonlinear

b)Health Monitoring

c)Model Updating

d)Vortex Induced Vibration


a)Sound Intensity

b)Sound Quality

c)Noise Radiation

d)Noise Transmission Loss

e) Active Noise Control

III. Reliability:    IV. Control:
a)Life Prediction

b)Fatigue Failure

c)Sensitivity Analysis

d)Optimum Design

a)MR & ER Damper

b)Noise Control

c)Vibration Control

d)Neuro Fuzzy Contr

V.Others Research fields: 
a)Computational  Fluid Dynamics

b)Finite Element Analysis

c)Wave Propagation in Fluid and Solid Media

d)Fluid- Structure Interaction Problems

e)Numerical Simulation of Lubrication

a) Composite and Bio-composite materials

b) Smart Material

c) Stress and Post-buckling analysis of structures

d)Geometric and material non-linearities

e) Finite element and numerical methods

f) Stress analysis in Gears and mechanical components