Research Activities

Research Project Undertaken:
  • Development of high Speed Lapping Technology for Aspherical Lens by using CNC Machine. Budget approved RM 34,900 (Vot 4J1 02).
  • Health Monitoring for Structure in Vibration Analysis. Budget approved RM 300,000 (Vot 4J1 008).
  • Acoustic Wave Analysis on Expansion Chamber Pipe for Noise Reduction. Budget approved RM20, 000 (Vot 7721 6).
  • Top down Universiti Reasearch on Kajian Mengenai Persepsi Majikan Terhadap Graduan Program Pengajian Separuh Masa UTM, Budget approved RM 20,000(Vot 73036).
  • Reduction of Pass by Noise, Budget approved RM 361 ,000(Vot 72054).
  • High Performance of Engine for Sports Car (ARG-10), Budget approved RM 64,000.(Vot 61 734).
Fundamental Research Grant Scheme(FRGS Fund):
  • Development of Compressible Navier Strokes Solver for Flow Involving Immersed. Budget approved RM 70,800 (Vot 4F513).
  • Conditioned Orthogonalised Reverse path Nonlinear Methods for Structural Damage Identification. Budget approved RM 54,000 (Vot 4F369).
  • Modeling and Performance Prediction for Noise Reduction of Exhaust Muffler. Budget approved RM 44,000 (Vot 78606).
International Contract Research Project Awarded:
  • Aminudin bin Abu- Private project, Research Collaboration, Woo Lee Machine Industry Coo Ltd. bagi penyelidikan bertajuk “Improvement of the Performance Air Compressor” Budget approved RM 50,000. This project was conducted in collaboration with Prof. Oh Jae –Eung from Hanyang University Seoul, Korea.
  • Aminudin bin Abu-Joint Research, bagi penyelidikan bertajuk”Damage Identification on Structure” Budget approved RM20,000. This project was conducted in collaboration with Prof. Masayuki Kohiyama from Department of System Engineering Design, Keio University, Japan.
Patent Granted:
  • Mohd Yusof Daud, Aminudin Abu, Apparatus Ultrasonic Tension Test (PI 2009-2120).