About IDS


The Vibration and Noise Research Group is a major component of the Intelligent Dynamics and System Laboratory based in UTM Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur. The group has first class facilities and excellent capabilities to work effectively in noise and vibration related research activities. The research activities include finite element model updating, modelling of mechanical joints, sub-structuring, experimental analysis and validation, acoustic intensity analysis and validation, structural health monitoring, fatigue analysis and conditioning monitoring. The lab is established with a focus on solving real-world engineering problems and a mission to inspire innovative and collaborative research between Kyonggi and Hanyang University, with active industrial involvement.

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Vision of our IDS iKohza are to focused on research and providing world class facilities for the future.


I. Developing world class research organization and leading research laboratory.

II. Developing a research laboratory to lead regional innovative community.


I. To converge ideas from various field and discovering the  unexpected odds.

II. To publish high impact journals through new discoveries from knowledge of research.

III. To be an advanced and innovative laboratory discovering creative research method and ideas that can be applied into the field.

If you are interested to join this laboratory, please contact us.