Air Resources in action: RSCE 2019

We are proud to announce that a member of our iKohza, Nur Atiqah Binti Surib was announced as the second runner up for poster category during the 26th Regional Symposium On Chemical Engineering (RSCE) last Thursday. 2019 RSCE was organized by Department of Chemical Engineering of Universiti Malaya and was held from 29 October to 1st November at Armada Hotel 

During the event, Nur Atiqah presented a poster titled “Electrospray Flow Rate Influenced The Size Of Functionalized Soot Nanoparticles”. Others involved in the symposium included another iKohza member Ainaa Amirah Md Zubir (“Electrospinning of PLA With DMF: Effect of Polymer Concentration On The Bead Diameter Of the Electrospun Fibre”) and our visiting student Tomomi Hasegawa (“The Effect Of Hydrophobic Particles On Evaporation Rate In A Solar Steam Generation System”).

We wish the warmest to Nur Atiqah for her success and hope that this will inspire her to greater success in the future.

Air Resources Raya Celebration

On Friday 28 June 2019, the members of Air Resources iKohza held a small lunch feast for Hari Raya celebration. Plenty of food was available, including Tomtato rice with beed dendeng and Korean-style chicken, pizzas, brownies and much more. We were also joined by several guests from different iKohza’s and laboratory. 

Farewell Party To Masdiana and Hajar

On 19 February 2019, Air Resources iKohza held a small farewell party to celebrate the end of PhD journey of Masdiana and Hajar. Among those present including our Head of iKohza, Prof Rashid and iKohza member Dr Ruwaida.

We here would like to take this opportunity to wish both of them all the best in their future endavours and thank you for their contribution to our iKohza.


Fundraising Dinner 2013

  • Royal Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  • 22nd November 2013


Field Work Measurement of Dust Emission

2 – 3 Oktober 2013


Visit to Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)

3 – 6 Mac 2013