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Year 2019

2019 Publications

A Review of the Graphene Synthesis Routes and its Applications in Electrochemical Energy Storage
ES Agudosi, EC Abdullah, A Numan, NM Mubarak, M Khalid, N Omar
Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences, 1-39 2019

Synthesis of organic phase change materials by using carbon nanotubes as filler material
SS Magendran, FSA Khan, NM Mubarak, M Khalid, R Walvekar, …
Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects 19, 100361 2019

An overview of biodiesel production using recyclable biomass and non-biomass derived magnetic catalysts
RV Quah, YH Tan, NM Mubarak, M Khalid, EC Abdullah, …
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 103219 2019

Multiwall carbon nanotube promising route for removal of chromium from wastewater via batch column mechanism
NMBM Mydin, NM Mubarak, S Nizamuddin, MTH Siddiqui, HA Baloch, …
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 495 (1), 012061 2019

Immobilization of Lipase Enzyme Carbon Nanotubes via Adsorption
AK Khan, NM Mubarak, EC Abdullah, M Khalid, S Nizamuddin, HA Baloch, …
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 495 (1), 012055 2019

Carbon nanomaterials based films for strain sensing application—A review
MJ Yee, NM Mubarak, EC Abdullah, M Khalid, R Walvekar, RR Karri, …
Nano-Structures & Nano-Objects 18, 100312 2019

Immobilization of peroxidase on functionalized MWCNTs-buckypaper/polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposite membrane
LY Jun, NM Mubarak, LS Yon, CH Bing, M Khalid, P Jagadish, …
Scientific reports 9 (1), 2215 1 2019

An Overview of Immobilized Enzyme Technologies for Dye, Phaenolic Removal from Wastewater
LY Jun, LS Yon, NM Mubarak, CH Bing, S Pan, MK Danquah, …
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 102961 3 2019

Microwave-Assisted Synthesis for Carbon Nanomaterials
S Nizamuddin, SA Abbasi, AS Jatoi, MTH Siddiqui, HA Baloch, …
Nanomaterials Synthesis, 121-147 2019

An Overview of Magnetic Material: Preparation and Adsorption Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater
M Ruthiraan, NM Mubarak, EC Abdullah, M Khalid, S Nizamuddin, …
Magnetic Nanostructures, 131-159 2019

Aerogel-based materials for adsorbent applications in material domains
NA Zubair, E Abouzari-Lotf, MM Nasef, EC Abdullah
E3S Web of Conferences 90, 01003 2019

Functionalized Carbon Nanomaterial for Artificial Bone Replacement as Filler Material
FSA Khan, NM Mubarak, M Khalid, EC Abdullah
Sustainable Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites, 783-804 1 2019

Solid matrices for fabrication of magnetic iron oxide nanocomposites: Synthesis, properties, and application for the adsorption of heavy metal ions and dyes
NH Abdullah, K Shameli, EC Abdullah, LC Abdullah
Composites Part B: Engineering 162, 538 – 568 3 2019

Iron oxide nanomaterials for the removal of heavy metals and dyes from wastewater
S Nizamuddin, MTH Siddiqui, NM Mubarak, HA Baloch, EC Abdullah, …
Nanoscale Materials in Water Purification, 447-472 3 2019

The effects of CeO2 addition on the physical and microstructural properties of ZTA-TiO2 ceramics composite
AZA Azhar, SHM Shawal, H Manshor, AM Ali, NA Rejab, EC Abdullah, …
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 773, 27 – 33 1 2019

Shinyei based sensor with added roof enhanced detection of indoor particulate matter
NA Surib, FNM Azlan, NR Jamian, MRM Yusof, KM Paád, W Lenggoro
International Journal of Integrated Engineering 11 (7), 67-76 3 2019

Reduction of PM10 Emission from A Retrofitted Multicyclone
M Dewika, M Rashid, MP Khairuninisa, J Ruwaida, YY Sara
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 551 (1), 012131 2019

Effect of Filter Aids on Two Different Filter Media Under High Filtering Velocities
N Andenana, M Rashida, S Hajara, NR Jamiana, KM Pa’ada, …

Theoretical performance of a multi-cyclone fine particulate emission control system
N Hussein, M Rashid, NH Hashim, NR Jamian, CHC Hassan
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 636 (1), 012006