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Regular Activities

  • Rinkoh (Weekly)

Rin-koh is one of the Japanese’s culture that have been practicing in the university. It’s like a session where usually 1 – 2  postgraduate’s students are required to give a short presentation regarding their research’s progress and the other students need to ask atleast one of the question to them every week. The aim of this activity are to build the confidence level and the presentation skills of the students as a preparation before conference or viva. Besides, it give an opportunity to improve their critical thinking and problem solving as well as gaining knowledges and sharing ideas. In Air Resource Laboratory, we’re currently practicing two ways of Rin-koh which are internal and external Rin-koh. Internal Rin-koh is a short seminar involving the member’s of iKohZa (including students and supervisor). Before pandemic, we’re done the presentation physically, since then, we’re actively doing it through online platform.

  • Joint Seminar with Lenggoro Lab (monthly)

Once a month, members of Air Resources will join together with the members of the Lenggoro Lab, led by our frequent collaborator Prof. Wuled Lenggoro for a Joint Seminar session. In this session, a member from each lab will share their works, while other members will take turns to ask questions. This activity is to encourage sharing of ideas between all participants, as well as providing practice for conference and viva presentations.


As members of the academia, Air Resources members has been actively participating in conferences. Conferences provided fantastic opportunities to share their work and exchange ideas with esteemed members of the community. These presentations has been indexed and are available in various publications. In recent years, the list of the conferences where we participated includes:

  • 26th Regional Symposium on Chemical Engineering, Kuala Lumpur
  • 2nd International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering, Langkawi, Kedah – 2019
  • 8th Conference on Emerging Energy & Process Technology, Kuala Lumpur – 2019


  • Hari Ozon Wilayah Persekutuan 2020