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Air resources in action: ICoBiomasSE 2020

On 15 December 2020 to 16 December 2020, two members of Air Resources iKohza have successfully presented in the 1st International Conference on Biomass Utilization and Sustainable Energy 2020 (ICoBiomasSE 2020) that was organized by The Centre of Excellence for Biomass Utilization (COEBU), Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP).

During the conference, Nur Aisyah Selamat presented her research work entitled “Enhanced Carbon Dioxide Adsorption by Potassium Hydroxide Modified Peat Soil as Porous Adsorbent” and Fathihah Nabila presented “Characteristics and Carbon Dioxide Adsorption Performance of Candle Soot-Activated by Potassium Hydroxide.

Weekly Rinkoh

Rin-koh is one of the Japanese cultures that has been practicing in the university. It’s  a session where usually 1 – 2  postgraduate’s and undergraduate’s students are required to give a short presentation regarding their research’s progress and the other students need to ask at least one of the question to them every week.

Collaborative Seminar UTM – TUAT

The members of Air Resources, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia joined together with the members of the Lenggoro Lab, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology led by our frequent collaborator Prof. Wuled Lenggoro for a Joint Seminar session

Air resources in action: ICATAS-MJJIC 2020

On 7 October 2020 to 8 October 2020, three members of Air Resources iKohza have successfully presented in the 5th International Conference on Advanced Technology & Applied Sciences in conjunction with 6th Malaysia-Japan Joint International Conference (ICaTAS-MJJIC 2020) that was organized by The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT) and Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

During the conference, Hafiq Aidil Zulkiflee presented “Enhanced Conductivity of Corn Starch Polymer Film Doped with Sodium Phosphate”, Muhammad Afiq Daniel Azmi with “Particulate Emission Characteristics from Palm Fibre and Shell Combustion with Alumino-Silicate Based Additive” and Haslina Hussin with “Landfill Leachate Treatment Methods and its Potential for Ammonia Removal and Recovery – A Review”.

Air Resources in action: IGCESH 2020

We are proud to announce that a member of our iKohza, Hafiq Aidil Zulkiflee was awarded the Best Presentation Award in Engineering Category for Recorded Video Presentation on 18th to 19th August 2020 during the 8th International Graduate Conference on Engineering, Science and Humanities (IGCESH 2020) organized by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

During the conference, Hafiq Aidil presented a project entitled “Sodium Phosphate Enhanced Amorphousness of Corn Starch Based Solid Polymer Electrolytes”. We wish the warmest to Hafiq Aidil for his success and hope that this will inspire him to greater success in the future.