Department of Management

of Technology (MoT)


MPhil & PhD

The research based programs at the Department of Technology Management are designed to develop students’ research skills and develop mastery of their areas of research interest.  This program is meant for students who intend to pursue a career in academia, research organizations and consultancy firms.
As a part of the preparation to develop students with good research skills, MPhil and PhD students in the research based programs at the Department of Technology Management are required to take 5 courses.
Research Method
Advances in Technology and Management Theories
Quantitative Data Analysis
Qualitative Data Analysis
University course.

These courses are offered in the first two semesters of their study. In addition, the department may also organize  seminars and workshops to help students develop further their research abilities. Students are required to start developing their proposal in the second semester. Students are required to defend their research proposal by the third semester of their study and then proceed in executing their research. As students progress in their study, they are required to participate in ringkou discussions to monitor and manage their progress. Students in the research based programs are also encouraged to attend courses offered in the MTIM program to broaden their knowledge base.The 

The departmentt will organized Post-graduate Colloquium each semester. All MPhil and PhD students are required to present their work before defending the research proposal at the first stage evaluation.