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Like the rest of MJIIT, the Department of Technology Management, has been given the mandate to conduct technology management programs based on the Japanese model. To ensure this, the MTIM program was designed in collaboration with our Japanese Universities Consortium partners. The curriculum is based on the guidelines established by the Japanese Association of Professional Graduate School of Technology Management. Japanese faculty members will be involved in teaching MTIM courses. For the research based program, the ringkou system is used to provide continuous monitoring of students’ progress. Ringkou meetings are held on a regular basis where each student will present their progress to all Department of Technology Management research students and faculty members. The sempai-kohai system is used to have more senior research student serve as mentors to newer students. In addition, students may be co-supervised by a faculty member from a Japanese university. As an MJIIT student, research students can apply  to spend a portion of their study in Japan. This can be for the purpose of collecting data, attend courses or participate in symposiums.