Master in Technology and Innovation Management (MTIM)

The MTIM program is designed for executives and managers who are looking to develop their business acumen and leadership skills for advancement to more senior positions. Specifically, the focus of this program is to develop the necessary competencies needed to lead and manage in technology based situations. The curriculum for this program is based on a leadership competency model that addresses these goals.


Many of us invest in advanced education to improve our knowledge, wisdom, and in many ways, develop our character. We do this to prepare ourselves for future responsibilities and challenges. For many of us, these challenges often involve dealing with technology as a key issue. In addition to our long-term goals and career progression, employers expect us to be able to perform our work well and better. The MTIM program is developed to address these long-term and short-term needs. The curriculum for this program was designed with MJIIT’s Japanese counterpart. It emulates the Technology Management programs offered by Japanese universities. This makes the program unique in that it offers students with more than the typical material in textbooks that are mostly written from a Western perspective. By including Japanese management models and practices in the course, it offers students with a broader range of models and frameworks to use in making business decisions. The program will be taught by an international faculty that includes Japanese and Japanese educated faculty members.


  • The MTIM program offers content that incorporates the best practices from Japan and other countries in addition to the typical textbook material. This provides students with more models and techniques to be used as frameworks and tools in dealing with business issues and challenges.
  • The teaching method used is one that encourages students to question, critically examine issues and ideas to stimulate creativity
  • MTIM also balances theory and practice by using experiential exercises that links concepts and application.
  • The MTIM program is  unique with the inclusion of Management Competency Training (MCT) that will develop students’ skills in contemporary management techniques. This ensures that students will possess the competencies to apply at work what they learn upon graduating from the program.


A unique characteristic of this program is the use of Management Competency Training (MCT) to complement conventional classroom teaching. This ensures that MTIM students develop a balance of conceptual and instrumental knowledge. MCT programs provide the opportunity for students to learn specific techniques that build their pool of managerial competencies. It designed to be flexible to suit the students’ interest. Students are required to attend 5 MCT programs.


Courses for Developing Leadership Competency



  • Costing and Financial Analysis
  •  Finance and Funding of Start-up Enterprises
  • Operations  Management *
  • Business Planning and Research Method*



  • Managing the Innovation Process
  • Marketing of Technology Products
  • Valuation of Business and Intellectual Property



  • Leading Knowledge Workers*
  • Human Resource and Talent Management



  • Managing Technology Change and Transformation
  • Value Configurations and Competitive Strategies


Program Outcomes


At the end of this program, students will have developed a broader range of mental models to guide them in making decisions involving complex and novel problems. The ability to deal with complex and novel problems will become more important as they advance to strategic level positions. They will also have acquired competencies to enhance their managerial efficacy for their current job. This includes competencies in managing the generation and development of creative ideas, manage organizational processes, lead people effectively, make use of resources resourcefully and collaborate and network with others.