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Traditional Games


Koma is being played with a rope to rotate it and it has various types of Koma and the popular one is called Beigoma.

Tako (Kite)

There is a variety of Tako in Japan and each of them has different measurements and Tako is decorated with pictures.

Takuema (Pole)

Takuema Game is played by using two sticks or galah and if the higher the galah, the harder it is to balance the player’s body.


Kendama is a game that has 1000 techniques to play and to play kendama simply by throwing the ball up and catch it with Ken.


Fukuwarai will usually be played when celebrating the New year and to play it, players need to close their eyes and need to paste part of a human face to a face-shaped board.


The game is played without using the net. Hanetsuki is played using a racket called Hagoita which is a long and colorful wooden square. The game can be played in two ways.


The Origami game is famous throughout the world in which the game can be said to be a Japanese art culture.


The shogi game is a popular game among Japanese people and is often played during leisure time.