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About Us

MJIIT adopts the concept of “Japanese Style Education” through the teaching of technical skills and human capacity. It is an idea initiated by Tun Dr. Mahathir during the establishment of MJIIT, and it has made MJIIT different from other faculty in Malaysian universities.

As one of the initiatives to realise the concept, MJIIT has established its Japanese Language and Cultural Centre, situated on the ground floor of MJIIT building. The objectives are to provide opportunities for students to participate in educational programmes, experience the Japanese culture, develop creative abilities, and to develop intercultural understanding through participation in activities or programs.

This centre has conducted several activities such as academic support courses for Japanese language proficiency by a group or by personal consultation and Japanese cultural workshops such as Yukata Wearing, Origami and Calligraphy. A few language and cultural events such as the Speech Contest, Origami Art Contest and Tanabata Festival are also organized by this centre.

The number of MJIIT students who are interested to achieve higher ability in the Japanese language is increasing every year, based on their request for additional classes. The Japanese language proficiency test taken by the students is also recognized worldwide. Their interest in Japanese culture has increased too and this has been proven through the rise in the number of events initiated and organized by students and supported by this centre.