Let’s Make and Eat Mochi

Let’s Make and Eat Mochi

On January 2 2020, the Japanese Language and Cultural Centre has organized a Let’s Make and Eat Mochi event happening at JLCC room. This event is conducted by JICA volunteers. They make a demo on how to make a Japanese signature food Mochi and lets the participants try to make their own too. Then they having a fun session of eating their handmade mochi.





On February 13 2020, an event of Let’s Master Japanese Kana Characters in 1 hour was held at JLCC instructed by Nakajima sensei. This is a special event for students who are taking Japanese Communication 1 in this semester.

There are 3 Japanese characters in Japanese language; Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Before you learn Kanji, you must know how to read and write Hiragana and Katakana. Both Hiragana and Katakana consists of 46 basic letters and several combination letters. .So, is there any easier way to memorize the 92 characters? (46 times 2)


MJIIT-SOPHIA University Exchange SESSION (2)

MJIIT-SOPHIA University Exchange SESSION (2)

Date: 24 November 2020 (Tuesday)

Participants: 37 Students ( 20 MJIIT, 17 SU )

Facilitators: Dr Umemiya & Ms Kuhara (Sophia U), Dr Okano, Mrs Hasparina & Mr Wan Syafiq (MJIIT).

The Program:

1. A presentation by Mr Lakshman and Mr Desmond, both from 1SMJC, on “Country and Culture of Malaysia”.

2. A presentation by Mr Firdaus and Mr Wan Syafiq, both from 3SMJM on “Higher Education System of Malaysia”.

3. A presentation by Mr Hadif from 3SMJE on “Overview of MJIIT and student life (particularly under the outbreak of COVID-19)”.

4. 3 presentations by SU students on the same topics.

5. Discussion in small groups.

6. Reports to the whole class.

7. Comments from MJIIT.

Some comments from MJIIT students:

“Wonderful experience to be able to interact with people overseas despite this pandemic and it feels really great communicating with Japanese I could always feel their effort approaching us. I will be looking forward to the next interaction (but it would be great if we could meet face-to-face ) 楽しみに~” (Lim Min Jung, 1SMJE)

“The session was really fun although it was quite awkward (first 5 minutes ?) in the discussion room …I will like to thank Syafiq since he was very friendly and open some topics for us to discuss.” (Ooi Xin Yin, 1SMJM)

“It was a great time. Even it is short, but it is very beneficial and effective for us to get to know the Japanese culture well.” (Tsi Shi Qi, 1SMJM)

“This kind of session is good for me to learn more about other cultures and lifestyles. Some of the students shared that they have to go work part-time and study. It seems like actually, we are quite alike in our life although we are in a different country.” (Willi Tien Yee Hong, 1SMJE)

“The session this time was really fun though I think that might be thanks to Mizuki-san since she was very friendly and open to chat (especially in English). Though I also have to praise all of the Sophia University students for their English, although there were some hiccups, their English was really good.” (Muhaimin, 3SMJM)

“To the 1st and 2nd-year students, I know it’s kinda awkward to speak because I have, and still experiencing it too (especially in Japanese). But if you join a lot of JLCC events you will surely improve.” (Syafiq, 3SMJM)

Thank you Dr Umemiya and Dr Okano for inviting JLCC to co-organize this event.

Thank you to all the participants; the presenters who have made the effort to prepare for the presentations and the other participants who have joined.

Thank you for supporting JLCC!




An interview session by AfterFIT (Japan) was held online with 11 candidates, all 4th-year students of MJIIT on 12th December 2020.

So these five students are the successful candidates:






Congratulations to all of you and please keep learning and improving yourself!

To other students who didn’t make it today, please don’t give up and please keep improving yourself too. Today’s experience is a good reference for your next challenge!

Thank you very much to Sun Asterisk for arranging this interview for the students.

These students will go to Japan in 2022, after graduating. JLCC is supporting all students from our Special Japanese Language Program for Job Hunting.



JLCC received a wedding Kimono (for display) and about 80 Japanese easy reading books, from ROHM-WAKO ELECTRONICS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD.

We actually received it last year during MCO but the students have been away from the campus since then. Now that students have started to return to the campus, we opened the boxes and display the kimono and the books.

The books are very easy reading books which readable by students with very basic Japanese knowledge. JLCC looks forward to seeing students stopping by to check the books.

Thank you ROHM-WAKO ELECTRONICS (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD for the contributions and support given for Japanese language and cultural promotion in MJIIT.

Thank you also to Mr Ryotaro Takano (JICA Expert) and Dr Jun Ishimatsu both from MJIIT for introducing us to the company.

Thank you!





We would like to introduce postgraduate students (TA) who will be assisting us in managing JLCC from next week.

Mr. Zack, Mr. Nafiz, Ms. Siti Fatimah, Ms. Dewi, Ms. Alyaa, Ms. Dahlia, Ms. Ain, Ms. Husna and Ms. Nadia (3 are not in the photo).

With their help, we can now open JLCC from 8 am till 4:30 pm every day from Monday till Friday, starting next week.

You are welcome to stop by at JLCC!





Nakajima sensei will be leaving JLCC MJIIT on April 2021. On 28 April, the JLCC team has organized a farewell party for him to convey an appreciation from MJIIT and a message that he surely will be missed and remembered; those attending also wish him luck for his future endeavours. The message of appreciation from MJIIT was given by our Dean, Prof Ts Dr Ali bin Selamat.

When asked to give a few words, Nakajima sensei mentioned that the Japanese appreciate these 3 actions; 1) Aisatsu (Greetings): it’s good to always greet with a big smile whenever we meet others. 2) Sooji (cleaning): always make sure we keep things clean, and 3) Jikan-genshu (punctual): it’s good to always be on time (though sensei said Japanese punctual at starting but not punctual at finishing).

Sensee said that these 3 elements are very important and appreciated in Japanese society.

Thank you Nakajima sensei for your kind words and inspiration.

We wish you the best in your future life. Do come to visit us sometime.



On this day at 9:55 am, a program with Sophia University of Japan was held. 19 students from Sophia Uni and 27 students from MJIIT had participated.

The program started with 3 presentations by MJIIT representatives and followed by 3 presentations by representatives of Sophia University.

After that, the participants were given time to discuss in small groups for about 40 minutes.

The program ended at 11:30 AM.


“Idk how I did but it was a good experience. Thank you very much for this opportunity.” (Ms Izzati, facilitator).

“Thank you so much, you guys are the best, good presentation, nice discussion. Hopefully everyone enjoys it.” (Mr Yap, facilitator).

“It’s a fun experience especially when you can’t meet with anyone during the pandemic.” (Mr Haziq, participant).

“So much fun to join this program during my weekend! Thank you guys and especially for those who organized this! Thank you sensei!” (Ms Shi Qi, presenter).

“Sensei, thank you to you and the whole JLCC society committee for carrying out this programme. Really enjoy it. Well, as an introvert, initially I worried whether I would make some offensive moves that made Seniors from Japan felt unhappy. Instead, I found out that they were all friendly, and helpful while sharing some questions we asked them.” (Mr Yaw Huei, participant).

Those were some comments by the participants today.

JLCC would like to thank Dr Umemiya from JICA for this opportunity (this is the 3rd program with Sophia Uni). We also thank @jcc_utmkl for their commitment and cooperation. The committee members of the Japanese Culture Club have been helpful and proactive.

And last but not least, THANK YOU to all participants!



Briefing on Special Japanese Language Program (SJLP) for Job-Hunting Module 2 by Mr Koshimoto

Briefing on Special Japanese Language Program (SJLP) for Job-Hunting Module 2 by Mr Koshimoto

On 23 June 2021, Mr Koshimoto from Sun * Inc., the Project Leader of Special Japanese Language Program (SJLP) for Job-Hunting met the students who are taking the program for the first time. The session was held in 2 different sessions and Mr Koshimoto gave a briefing about Module 2 of the program which includes 12 weeks Internship in Semester 3.

SJLP for MJIIT students has been held since 2019 and a total of 13 students have been offered a job in Japan after joining the program.

This is a collaboration program between MJIIT and Sun*. We hope the program will be continued and many students will benefit from it.


Collaboration with Tokushima University in MJIIT Japanese Language Program

Collaboration with Tokushima University in MJIIT Japanese Language Program

On the 8th, 9th, 22nd, and 23rd of June 2021, the UMJG6013 Basic Japanese Language and Culture Course (a course for postgraduate) received visitors from Tokushima University (TU). The visitors were undergraduate students from various departments such as Medicine and Integrated Arts and Science. Some are taking “Teaching Method of Japanese Language” and some are taking “English Program” at TU. On the dates, they visited classes for about 1 hour and they had helped MJIIT students in speaking practice.

MJIIT students enjoyed having them in the class and this is some feedback from the students:

“For me, it’s quite a nice experience to have them around. Boost our confidence to speak even though not sure they can understand or not. All students seem very excited as well. Can’t wait for the next session. Thanks, sensei for the opportunity.” (Adibah)

“It was nice to be able to speak with native speakers. We were able to know more about the use of language in conversation. Thank you for this opportunity sensei.” (Naqi)

“I think we all are a bit shy during the breakout session. Regardless, whenever we ask her a question, she (Chizu-san) tried her best to answer it.” (Hazirah)

Other than the class visit, some of the TU students volunteered to become the interviewee in an Online Interview Project which is a part of an assessment for MJIIT PG students and a casual project for the Foundation Program.

Below is some feedback from students of the Foundation Program:

“I’m glad that I’ve taken part in this project, I’ve made my first ever Japanese friend. By this interview session, it motivates me to learn more Japanese words and phrases in order to have a complete conversation with her. It was sad that I couldn’t understand some of the sentences, it makes me desire to learn more.” (Gan)

“Sumika san is very nice and friendly. I am very glad to meet her and have an interview with her. This interview session is very interesting and let me know that I have to learn the Japanese language more to have a smoother conversation.” (Edwin)

Apart from this MJIIT Japanese Language Program, MJIIT students are also supporting The English Project by TU. All of these projects have been made possible after many discussions between myself and Mr. Kiyofuji, Designated Assistant Professor, International Office, Tokushima University.

I believe that the collaboration has inspired students from both universities in language learning and intercultural understanding. To quote words from Mr Kiyofuji “This experience, the feeling that difficulty of communication in a foreign language would be also very important for both students.” I certainly agree with that. Thank you Tokushima University for this opportunity. I hope that many more collaborations will be held in the future.

Reported by, Hasparina (JLCC, MJIIT)


Japanese Cultural Club (JCC) Origami Workshop 2021

Japanese Cultural Club (JCC) Origami Workshop 2021

On 31st of July, JCC held an Origami workshop themed: •𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙄𝙣𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙞𝙩𝙚 𝘼𝙧𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝙊𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙖𝙢𝙞• with the president of the esteemed Malaysia Origami Association and Origami Academy, Mr Kenneth.

JCC and the 50+ participants present this very day, had an amazing 3 hour session filled with valuable knowledge and skills such as the History of Origami, Implementations of Origami in Engineering, Medicine, Fashion and Arts, the Fundamental design methodology and so much more! We had a hands-on folding session where our creativity and intellect in the geometry and spatial aspect were especially challenged, as well. 本当にすごいですね?

Besides, we present our warmest gratitude to dean of Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) , Prof. Ts. Dr . Ali Selamat for sparing his time with us to give some words of wisdom during the event.

Special thanks to guest speaker, Mr. Kenneth from Malaysia Origami Academy for sharing with us his accumulated knowledge and insights into origami.

A big thanks to Mdm Hasparina sensei from MJIIT Japanese Language and Cultural Center for her thoughts and suggestions during the preparation stage of the events.



1st series of Coffee Conversation

On 11/8/2021 1st series of Coffee, conversations were held. The topic is “Insight Working In Japan” with our honourable guest Mr Syairir Malek, who live in Fukui, Japan.

We had 92 attendees and 60% of them were MJIIT students. 72 attendees submitted to our questionnaire. To our question about which part of the session that they liked the most, these are among the feedback that we received:

“I love to hear all the experiences from Mr Syairir. I think about how to know the company is safe based on company criteria.”

“Sharing during how works in japan, and the challenging of woman to works in Japan.”

“Sharing on a works culture in Japan.”

“Regarding on nomikai culture in Japan.”

“Hearing true stories from a Malaysian living in Japan.”

“Story of life experiences of En. Eri”

“It is very interesting especially regarding the real experiences as foreign worker dealing with local citizens.”

“Very informative session, especially the replies from Mr Eri was absolutely impressive and very detail with experiences. I would like to join the next session if got la.”

“This program is very recommendable for all MJIIT students, to get an insight of how Japan’s working culture. Shall be setting up another event for sharing about working culture in the engineering industry in Japan.”

And we also received many feedback regarding the arrangement of the program such as these:

“The format of this talk, very casual but informative.”

“If possible, can make this program monthly or once every two months? and with many senpai that from the different occupation in Japan.”

“Everything is very good and well prepared. This talk feels very chill and not boring at all. Keep it up for the next session.”

Thank you for all the feedback. We appreciate it very much and we shall share it with our guests. Our moderators will try to make improvements for the next session.

To all the attendees, this is a message from Mr. Syairir:

“Terima kasih di ucapkan kpd semua yg sudi meluangkan masa mendengar perkongsian saya.Harapnya adalah satu atau dua perkara yg boleh menjadi panduan atau teladan dlm banyak banyak cerita saya. Apa yg dikongsikan hanyalah pengalaman saya sendiri dan orang lain di Jepun akan ada cerita masing masing. Dengarlah juga cerita menarik mereka juga. Saya doakan semua akan berjaya dan dapat meyumbang kpd negara dan masyarakat nanti. Kalau ada rezeki Insyaalah kita aln berjumpa lagi nanti.”

And these are the feedback from our moderators:

“「緊張してるけど、みんなのおかげでスムーズで終わった。エリ先輩いろいろシェアしてくれてありがとう。皆さんも参加してくれてありがとうございました。」” (Khairulanam)

“I enjoyed working with Hasparina sensei being moderator for MJIIT JLCC program. This is our first program working together. Working with sensei allowing us to be ourselves during the whole process and on top of that during the program. I would like to thanks sensei for entrusting me as the moderator and committee for the program. This is my first time being moderator and I also happy that I managed to plan and deliver the program at my best. I found that I can improve my communication and interpersonal skills by doing this program. I believe that this will help me to improve my personality and my employability in searching for my dream career in the future. Wish me luck. Hehe.” (Fahmi)

We have all in Malay, English as well as in Japanese, same with our casual program. Oh, a few did “kecek Kelate” too!

Thank you for joining and our next program will be on 25 August! We will be having equally (if not more) “sugoi” honourable guests!

Stay tuned!