It was indeed a very special sharing session by our respected Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang which really sums up today’s insightful Book Review @ UTM KL event held at Dewan Seminar, Menara Razak UTM KL.

Dato’ Seri Zaini Ujang shared in his book Japanese Ecosophy – A Traveller’s Note, a message to be conveyed to the readers the spirit that the Japanese society has nurtured for many years towards environmental sustainability. In his book, he also discussed five practical lessons from Japanese ecosophy; Kaizen (Continuous improvement), Wa (Harmony), Kami (Gods), Mottainai (Do not waste) and Ikigai (Reason for being).

It is highly recommended for everyone to get to read the book first hand and explore the environmental-friendly mind of the Japanese people. The proceeds of the books will be donated to UTM Endowment to provide scholarships for UTM students and financial support for strategic academic programmes.

Thank you Dato’ Seri and we are hoping the best for you in the future!