08.30 AM



09.00 AM


09.15 AM


09.30 AM


Opening Remarks

·       Chair of IEEE AP/MTT/EMC Malaysia Chapter

        (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fauziahanim Che Seman)

·       Chair of IEICE Technical Committee on Antennas and Propagation, Japan

        (Prof. Dr. Qiang Chen)

·      Deputy Dean (Research & Innovation), MJIIT, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
       (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shahrum Shah Abdullah)


09.40 AM




Keynote Speaker I: A Remote Healthcare Monitoring System Using Radio Over Fibre Network

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Yoshihide Yamada (UTM, Malaysia)

Prof. Ir. Dr. Kaharudin Dimyati

(Universiti Malaya, Malaysia)

10.20 AM

Conference Photo Session

10.30 AM


10.45 AM




Keynote Speaker II: Compact Metal-Mountable UHF RFID Tag Antennas

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Yoshihide Yamada (UTM, Malaysia)

Prof. Ts. Dr. Lim Eng Hock

(Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia)

11.15 AM




Tutorial Workshop: Theory of Characteristic Modes and its Applications

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Qiang Chen (Tohoku University, Japan)

Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki Arai

(Yokohama National University, Japan)

12.00 PM




General Session I

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Widad Ismail (Universiti Sains Malaysia)

 Irfan Ali [1.1]

Aperture Coupled Wideband Dielectric Resonator Antenna Using L-Strip Feed

12.15 PM


Mohamad Adib Rahmat [1.2]

Experimental Investigation in Receiving CW Beacon Signal From UiTMSat-1

12.30 PM


Saif Hannan [1.3]

Design of a Novel DNG Metamaterial Absorber for Triple Band Applications

12.45 PM


Widad Ismail [1.4]

5G Interdigital Bandpass Filters

1.00 PM


02.00 PM




Industry Speaker I

Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Naobumi Michishita (National Defense Academy, Japan)

Mr. Lim Seng Tat

(Altair Engineering Sdn Bhd)

02.30 PM




General Session 2

Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Takuji Arima (Tokyo University of Agriculture and

Nazleen Syahira Mohd Suhaimi [2.1]

Switched Beamforming Networks Towards Fifth Generation (5G) Technology

02.45 PM


Rasyidah Hannan [2.2]

Effects of the Permittivity and Conductivity of Human Body for Normal-Mode Helical Antenna Performance

03.00 PM


Quang Quan Phung [2.3]

Decoupling of Two Planar Inverted-F Antennas by Using Parasitic Element

03.15 PM


Siti Fatimah Jainal [2.4]

Band Rejection for WLAN Utilizing Ultra Wideband Planar Antenna

03.30 PM


Nurul Syafeeqa Ishak [2.5]

Parametric Study of Frequency Selective Surface based on Circular Structure for Material Sensing Application at THz region

03.45 PM


Watawaru Iwanaga [2.6]

Propagation Loss Prediction Merged Plural Propagation Models Effectively by Deep Learning

04.00 PM


04:15 PM




General session 3

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Kunio Sakakibara (Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Kazuki Watakabe [3.1]

Influence of the Location of Virtual Linear Array on Position Estimation Using MUSIC Algorithm Applied to Arc Array Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging

04.30 PM


Shipun Anuar Hamzah [3.2]

A High Gain 4×1 Harmonic Suppression Array Antenna for Rectenna Systems

04.45 PM


Muhammad Shakir Bin Amin Nordin [3.3]

Analysis on Wearable Antenna Performance on Different Radiating Elements for Tracking

05.00 PM


Kazuki Terada [3.4]

Phase Variation Analysis of Leaky Wave Antenna Composed of CRLH Transmission Line Using Equivalent Circuit

05.15 PM


Michitaka Ameya [3.5]

Estimation of Very-near-field Power Density of Array Antenna by Shallow Neural Network with Radiated Near-field Measurements

07.45 PM






Banquet Dinner

Welcoming Speech by

·       Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), MJIIT Dean, Prof Dr. Ali Selamat

·      National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST),
        Dr. Satoru Kurukawa

       Award Ceremony (3 best paper award)

       Cultural Performances

10.00 PM

Program End

*Dinner coupon will be given to all participants during registration

*General session: Presentation is 10 minutes and 5 minutes for Question and Answer Session



08.30 AM




General session 4

Session Chair: Dr. Tarik Abdul Latef (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia)

Norsiha Zainudin [4.1]

Input Resistance Increases of NMHA in Fat Phantom

08.45 AM


Farizah Ansarudin [4.2]

Electromagnetic Simulation Method for Dielectric Lens Antenna

09.00 AM


Nguyen Thanh Tuan [4.3]

Design of Millimeter-Wave 4×4 Butler Matrix Using Fin Line in Double Layer Dielectric Substrate

09.15 AM


Terungwa Stephen Akor [4.4]

Understanding Green Radio Communication Network Systems in a POPBL Environment

09.30 AM


Shugo Yamauchi [4.5]

Broadside Beam-forming Performance of Two-dimensional Rotman-Lens Multi-beam Antenna using Step Radiating Elements on Multi-layer Substrate Integrated Waveguide

09.45 PM


Abdul Aziz Ali [4.6]

Synthesis of Composite Material with Aerogel for Patch Antenna Substrate

10.00 AM




Keynote Speaker III: Related Antenna Measurements & EMC Frequency Band

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Yoshihide Yamada (UTM, Malaysia)

Dr. Satoru Kurokawa

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

10.30 AM


10.45 AM




Industry Speaker II

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Naobumi Michishita (National Defense Academy, Japan)

Dr. Toru Fukasawa

(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)

11.15 AM





Industry Speaker III

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Naobumi Michishita (National Defense Academy, Japan)

Prof. Ir. Dr. Koo Voon Chet

(Comrel Technologies Sdn. Bhd.)


11.45 AM




General session 5

Session Chair: Dr. Hazilah Mad Kaidi (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Md. Mushfiqur Rahman [5.1]

A Compact Dual Negative LC Resonator Loaded Metamaterial Inspired Antenna for 5G Technology

12.00 PM


Izni Husna Idris [5.2]

Fabrication of Human Body Phantom for Body Communication at 2.4 GHz

12.15 PM


Sittilin binti Salleh [5.3]

7 Stage Voltage Doubler for 2.45GHz Energy Harvesting

12.30 PM


Yoshihiro Nakamura [5.4]

Power Transmission Efficiency of Magnetic Material Loaded Solenoid in the Vicinity of Circuit Ground

12.45 PM


Hazilah Mad Kaidi [5.5]

A Monitoring and Control System for Agriculture

01.00 PM


*General session: Presentation is 10 minutes and 5 minutes for Question and Answer Session

Download Tentative Program (in B5 format):