Exchange Students

From September 2016 until February 2017, we have welcomed Mr. Kazuma Asano and Mr. Atom Otsuka, third year student of Bachelor Degree from Shibaura Institute of Technology as a visiting research student. They have completed some technical studies under Prof. Yoshihide Yamada and Dr. Muzahidul Islam, respectively. Thank you for your short visit

Kazuma Asano





“The time was very significant days for my life. Before studying abroad to MJIIT, I was very anxious to communicate Malaysian people because I had hardly ever communicated with foreign people in English. Also, I had no idea for study of antenna so I thought that my study abroad cannot make a good goal. However, they didn’t care about such things and talked friendly. Laboratory member and supervisor gave me some knowledge for study in presentation, talked about report, invited me to lunch party and playing sports. They taught me about how interesting to study and experience foreign culture. I am grateful to Laboratory member, supervisor and people in Malaysia.”

Atomu Otsuka





“Before writing this, I would like to thank to all who gave me much kindness in my study abroad. This half-year experience in MJIIT allowed me to grow, and it was the first step to get used to English. MJIIT teachers and students interacted with me kindly. So, I could be good at my teammate in classes, and improved my technical skills. Of course, in CSN lab, research activity was the first experience. At the time, I had thought ‘what a difficult to create something new research idea, conduct, and present it!!’. But now, I believe these unforgettable experience was embedded deeply on my mind. The lab meeting such as Rinkoh was also one of the important place to further improve my English skill and technical knowledge (and playing!!). The professors guided my research to become better and gave some precious comments which helped me very much. Lab members also gave special comments. Besides research activities, I could share a lot of wonderful times with all including lunch party, farewell party and so on. These memories will continue to be my valuable treasures from now on. I hope we will meet again and eat with all members and discuss in the meeting room!! So, the CSN lab is the best place for improve your mind and make good experience you can’t forget. Lots of opportunities are waiting.”