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Material Analyzer | MJIIT Analytical Laboratory

Material Analyzer

X-ray fluorescence

Epsilon 1 is a fully integrated energy dispersive XRF analyzer consisting of a spectrometer, built-in computer, touch screen and analysis software. It is built for the characterization and analysis of any type of sample in many industry segments such as cement, cosmetics, environmental, food, forensics, metals and coatings, mining and minerals, nanomaterials, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, polymers and RoHS-2.

Robust and flexible quantification

Epsilon 1 can be calibrated using reference materials that match the composition of the routine samples. These dedicated calibrations result in accurate data with high precision. Epsilon 1 can be calibrated for a wide variety of industry applications. Epsilon 1 is a star-performing benchtop XRF instrument for the analysis of major, minor and trace elements from sodium to americium, across the periodic table.

*Make sure email the instrument details form first(form and document menu) before make a quotation request

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