This page will guide applicants for submitting the contents of their extended abstract for 4th Malaysia-Japan Tribology Symposium (MJTS 2016) as a full-length paper to the following journals.

Tribology Online

  1. Create or log into applicant’s account at
  2. Click the “Submit New Manuscript” link under the “New Submissions” section.
  3. Choose either “Article” or “Short Communication Paper” under the drop-down menu.trolguide_001
  4. Enter the title of the applicant’s article/paper.
  5. Select the First Author/Corresponding Author, and add/remove authors as necessary.
  6. In the Section/Category drop-down menu, select “MJTS 2016”.                                                   trolguide_002
  7. Continue with the steps as displayed on the left side of the page.

Jurnal Tribologi

  1. Create or log into applicant’s account at is
  3. Click the “New Submission”link.
  4. At Journal Section, select “MJTS 2016” from the drop-down menu.jt_guide
  5. Click the “Save and continue” button to continue with the application.