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Latest News

Visitor from Waseda University, Japan

On 21st February, TriPreM had a visit by Prof. Miyashita and Prof. Yoshida from Waseda University, Japan. We introduced our research activities to the professors. It's always interesting to discuss research topics with excellent specialists. … Read More

“Effects of Trace Humidity in Atmospheric Gas On The Tribological Behaviors of Metallic Materials ” Lecture, 30th January 2020

On 30th January 2020, Prof Kanao Fukuda was invited to give a speech about "Effects of trace humidity in atmospheric gas on the tribological behaviors of metallic materials" at Hydrogen Tribology Symposium held by Kyushu University.   On 5th Feb., he visited the facilities of Prof. … Read More

A farewell and Year-End Celebration Party

On 20 December 2019, we had the last rin-Koh (輪講) for the year 2019 and it was given by our guest student Mr. Kawaguchi from Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan. This is the last day for him in our laboratory. After the rin-Koh, we had a farewell party for him and a year-end celebration party … Read More

Special Lecture by Prof. Hanahara and Prof. Mizumoto from Iwate University, Japan

On 6th Dec. 2019, TriPreM organized special lectures presented by our guests, Prof. Hanahara and Prof. Mizumoto from Iwate University, Japan. Thanks to the professors for their precious talks. Thank you very much for your valuable lecture and for visiting us. We are looking forward to more visit … Read More

Visitors from Ambassador of Japan

On 3rd December, TriPreM had the honor of having a visit by His Excellency Hiroshi OKA, Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia. Thank you for visiting and leaving your signature to TriPreM.   … Read More

Guest from Nagaoka University of Tehnology, Japan

On 29th November, Assoc. Prof. Isobe from the Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan visited TriPreM. We got an agreement to start collaborative research. Their student carried out the tribology tests of their sample under TriPreM research officer instruction and obtained interesting results. We … Read More

TriPreM Photo Session

On November 29, we had a photo session for TriPreM 2019-2020 season members. Again we have many active members in this season.   … Read More