National Sustainability Innovation Challenge 2023 (NaSIC ’23)

“Revolutionising Retail: Embracing Innovation in Addressing Single Used Plastics”

March – July, 2023, Online and Kuala Lumpur

NaSIC ’23 is a sustainability education program for secondary school students! Our mission is to engage and empower the next generation of environmental leaders by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to make a positive impact in their communities and the world.

NaSIC ’23 is a collaborative initiative between the Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) and one of Malaysia’s leading retail chain, Lotus’s which focuses on promoting green technology, engineering, and science-based solutions to address global sustainability challenges. This innovation pitching competition comprises of three phases and offers virtual workshops led by academicians and professional experts. With a theme revolving around “Single-Used Plastics,” NaSIC ’23 aims to contribute to Malaysia’s efforts to develop a greener environment.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive sustainability education program that prepares students to be environmental leaders in their communities and beyond. Join us today and be a part of the solution!

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(Final Pitching Competition on 22nd July 2023)


(Infographic and Virtual Pitching Competition)




To engage secondary school students with environmental issues in their daily life.

To encourage students to be innovative thinkers by relating with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Circular Economy concept.

To create exposure on green technology, engineering and science solutions to address the sustainability.

To create a platform for students to be problem solvers with their innovations.

To engage students with professionals and leaders in our communities.

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Competition Format & Timeline

General Rules and Regulation

  1. Each team MUST consist of THREE (3) members only, which may include active Form 4 to Form 6 students (aged 16-19) in the academic year 2023-2024.
  2. Each school is allowed to register a maximum of FIVE (5) teams for the competition.
  3. Each student is only allowed to register in one team only.
  4. Registration can be done via the link provided at
  5. Each participating team must fill up the Consent Form, which the school’s Principal/Administrative and Curriculum Senior Assistant must verify the document to be uploaded to the online Google form.
  6. All registered team members must submit the infographic design and attend the virtual opening ceremony. In addition, the shortlisted teams must attend the two virtual workshops and visit in May 2023, while the finalist teams must commit to the virtual expert coaching sessions in June/July 2023.
  7. For the Infographic Competition (Phase 1),
      • The participating team must also submit an A4-sized coloured INFOGRAPHIC themed on Single-Use Plastic Usage in Malaysia during the registration.
      • The participants should design the infographic via computer software or website, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva, Photoshop, etc. The infographic should be ORIGINAL by the participants and consist of copyright-free materials.
      • Automated design using Artificial Intelligence tools is strictly prohibited.
      • The infographic should include NaSIC ’23 logo, which is provided at
      • The file should be in PDF format and not exceeding 150 MB in size.
  8. For the Virtual Pitching Competition (Phase 2) and Grand Finale (Phase 3),
      • During the Virtual Pitching Competition (Phase 2), each team will be given 10 minutes for the presentation and 7 minutes for the question-and-answer session.
      • During the Final Pitching in the Grand Finale (Phase 3), each team will be given 10 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for the question-and-answer session.
      • All shortlisted/finalist teams must use software to prepare the presentation slides, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva, Photoshop, etc. However, interactive slides created by online software like Prezi are not allowed.
      • The presentation slides file should be in PPT format and not exceeding 500 MB in size.
      • All team members should present in English with appropriate attire. Any absence without prior notice will result in the team’s disqualification.
      • All ideas should be ORIGINAL, and all references must be cited. The teams will be disqualified if plagiarism is found.
      • All team members MUST switch on their webcam during the virtual presentation. Any inconvenience should be informed before the presentation.
  9. Kindly notify the organiser if there are any patent or copyright reservations for the submitted infographics and slides.
  10. Any submissions that exceed the due date shall not be entertained and are non-negotiable.
  11. The organiser has all the rights to eliminate/annul/disqualify the teams that violate the rules and regulations stated above. The organiser may take such actions without prior notice.
  12. The organiser will hold the right to publish submitted infographics, slides presentation and presentation recordings for future publications without prior notice to the participants. However, it would be done with the acknowledgement of the authors or the school.
  13. The judges’ decision is final.

Competition Prizes

Awards and Prizes

NaSIC’23 Wrap Up Video

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